County Officials Feel Additional Judge is in the Cards

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Sheridan County Commissioner Tom Ringley
Sheridan County Commissioner Tom Ringley

The number of cases that come before 4th Judicial District Court Judge John Fenn has not increased dramatically over the past few years, but it's the severity of the cases that have prompted the state and Sheridan County to take a look at adding an additional Judge.

County Commissioner Tom Ringley says that all signs indicate that another judge for the 4th Judicial District is sorely needed.

While the state would be responsible for the approval and ultimately funding an additional judge, the County would be responsible for coming up with the funds to provide that additional space.

Commissioner Terry Cram stated that if a judge were appointed prior to the completion of an additional courtroom at the Sheridan County Courthouse, there are a couple of different options for a temporary hearing room that they are considering; those include the Commissioner's Board Room and the Municipal Courtroom at the Sheridan Police Department.

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