County Hires Engineering Firm

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Ken Muller (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Ken Muller (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

The county has decided to pay a local engineering firm up to $20,000 on project development and contract administration for an 8-mile road rehabilitation project.

Sheridan County’s agreement with RidgePoint Consulting, LLC, of Sheridan, runs for a year, from November 1 of this year to the same time next year.

The agreement was approved Tuesday morning during the regular meeting of the commission. The county's engineer Ken Muller explained his reasoning for handing off the project.

According to the contract, the bulk of the money, or a little more than $11,000, will pay for construction administration, about $4,000 will pay for the preliminary design, and another $2,100, each, will be paid for the final design, and bidding and negotiations.

The road rehabilitation project ncludes chip sealing that will be done next summer, on five county roads. The road to receive the most re-coverage, over 3 miles worth, is Mydland, followed by about a mile and a half on both Metz and Paradise Park, a mile of Swaim and less than a half a mile on Knode.

The financial breakdown on the work agreement states the RidgePoint employees will be paid, hourly, at fees of $120 for the principal engineer, $100 for the project manager, $90 for the project engineer, $80 for the resident engineer, $65 an hour for the intern engineer and clerical support will be paid at $50 an hour. All mileage will be reimbursed.

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