County 'In Good Shape' For Obamacare Compliance

County 'In Good Shape' For Obamacare Compliance

Johnson County's employees look have a favorable situation, at least for now, as far as their healthcare is concerned, according to a report given by Cobecon, manager for the county's healthcare plan.

Ryan Theiss and Diana Madvig, representatives for Cobecon, gave a report to the county commissioners at a recent meeting, saying the county's plan meets the Federal requirements under the Affordable Care Act, and it is in good shape, relative to many other groups out there.
Theiss said when considering affordability, compliance, minimum value, and complying with fees and taxes that will be attached to the implementation of the ACA, the county and its plan are ahead of the

The county's plan is partially self-funded, which means they pay a portion of the premiums each year to help keep costs down. The Cobecon reps explained that many companies and organizations are now looking at these types of programs, as opposed to an “exchange” program under the ACA or a fully-funded plan through an insurance provider, looking for a number of ways to try to save money for employee healthcare benefits.

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