County Finds Unfiled Easement With Landowner

County Finds Unfiled Easement With Landowner

Landowners on Fairgrounds Road have been trying to find easements for a water line that was installed on their property by Johnson County to supply city water to the fairgrounds, and have been trying to get water supplied to their property, as they believed they had been promised.

The county has found the easement agreement, but it has not been filed in its proper place within the courthouse. The landowners were given a copy of the agreement at the commission meeting Tuesday.

Commissioner Smokey Wildeman read the agreement that had previously been signed by all parties.

Wildeman explained to Bickham where the signed document was found, saying a copy had been filed in a box stored in former county attorney Chris Wages' office, and was found when the box was transferred to current county attorney Ken DeCock.

Bickham believed the county had promised water would be supplied to her property if she allowed the easement, and she and her family have tried to get the water supplied to her property by going through the county commissioners and Buffalo City Council, trying to negotiate with both entities, but has had no success.

The county will continue to search for the original easement agreement, as a copy cannot be filed in the courthouse. If the original cannot be found, then another agreement will have to be drafted and signed. DeCock said the copy is still a legally-binding contract.

The matter, at least for now, seems to be closed.

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