County Commissioners' Marathon Meeting

Sheridan County Commissioners
Sheridan County Commissioners

Sheridan County Commissioners kicked off the month of June with a marathon meeting, taking just over three hours to go through a 26-item agenda.

The commission considered and approved a 5-year lease agreement for office space at the Sheridan County Airport for the Department of Criminal Investigation – rental fees for the lease are $32,722 per year with an adjustment every two years.

Commissioners considered and approved a grant application in the amount of $6,400, to re-stripe Taxiway “B” and the GA and Commercial aprons at the Sheridan County Airport. Local funds in the amount of $1,600 will match the grant dollars, for a total of $8,000.

They considered and approved a bid in the amount of $91,230 to contract with Maxwell Asphalt out of Salt Lake City, UT for sealing and striping to be done on Taxiway “A” at the Sheridan County Airport.

Commissioners considered and rejected all bids submitted for the rehabilitation of Runway 14/32, since bids were more than engineers' estimated cost for the project. And they considered and rejected all bids for the GA ramp reconstruction (A, B, C and D Hangar areas) and access road reconstruction for the same reason.

Also considered at Tuesday's meeting: a request by the Clearmont Fire District for a waiver of CUP fees for the construction of the new fire hall – commissioners passed the waiver.

They considered and approved a Construction Administration Agreement with EnTech, Inc. for time and materials on the County Road 80 project, in an amount not to exceed $191,000.

Commissioners considered and approved an agreement between the County and Associated Construction Engineering in the amount of $32,200 for the Historic Courthouse HVAC system upgrades.

They considered a change order with O'Dell Construction in the amount of $1,950 for some District Courtroom renovation punch list items.

Commissioners renewed their yearly agreement for Responsibilities between Wyoming Department of Family Services, Child Support Enforcement Unit and County Clerk of District Court in the amount of $35,702.40. Also renewed was a 2-year Memorandum of Understanding to continue the Guardians Ad Litem program in the amount of around $16,400.

$33,750 was approved as the Sheridan County contribution to the Emergency Maintenance Fund of the Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition.

The auditing company of Porter, Muirhead, Cornia & Howard of Casper was selected again for the 2009-2010 County Audit. Fees will range between $100 to $210, depending upon the experience level of the auditors. This company is the same the District 2 contracts to conduct the school audit each year.

Commissioners approved an annual increase to the employee health insurance contribution levels.

They approved the appointment of Kim Hein to the position of Deputy County Clerk – apparently Sheridan has never had someone serve in this capacity before. Her duties will be to fill in when Eda Thompson is away from the office.

The commission approved Mike Mellgren to serve a second 3-year term on the Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission, and they approved the reappointment of Terry Cram to a 5-year term on the Sheridan County Parks & Recreation Board.

And the last agenda item – commissioners approved an agreement with TSP Inc. for the final design piece of the new Courthouse remodel, for work to be done in the corridor and 1st floor lobby, including lighting, fire alarm, and ADA railings.

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you need to get the facts

Kim Hein already works in the clerk's office and does the duties of the position. This isn't an "additional" position, as I read it, it's an attempt to streamline and make it clear who is in charge in the clerk's office when the clerk isn't around. That's what it looks like to me. Why don't you get the facts from the commissioner's office before jumping to conclusions.


small town politics is always interesting!

Adding an assistant clerk

Adding an assistant clerk position that never exsisted before and during a recession on top of it,but of course county goverment isn't growing.

Mellgren is one of the PZ who is trying to say banks are requiring building permits even though they aren't.Mellgren also happens to be County Commissioner Rolstons next door neighbor.

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