County Commissioners and Airport Manager Discuss Airline Issues

Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier
Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier

Since there isn't a board that governs the Sheridan County Airport, the County Commissioners meet with Airport Manager John Stopka on a monthly basis to discuss issues regarding the Airport. One of the concerns that was addressed Tuesday was the recent ASOS malfunction at the Airport that delayed a number of flights out of Sheridan.

ASOS is an Automated Surface Observing System that relays detailed weather information to the pilots for safety purposes. County Commissioner Steve Maier.

Since this is the second time in the last several months that there has been a breakdown with the ASOS system at the Airport, Maier says that they are looking into several backup options.

Maier pointed out that while they share the same frustration as many of the residents, there is little the County can do to improve service.

Maier said that Great Lakes was supposed to pick up a couple of additional planes from the Midwest this past fall, but every indication is that probably won't happen until spring at the earliest.

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