County Commissioner Candidates

There are six candidates vying for three available seats on the Sheridan County Commission.
There are six candidates vying for three available seats on the Sheridan County Commission.

Three of the six candidates for Sheridan County Commission appeared as guests on KROE'S Public Pulse program Wednesday, with the other three scheduled to be on the program Thursday. Current Commissioner Terry Cram says that there is some unfinished business that he'd like to take care of.

Commissioner Bob Rolston explains that he would also like to continue work on an ongoing issue.

Candidate Cliff Clevenger feels that there needs to be better communication between the elected officials and the public.

To hear more from the interview with Cram, Rolston, and Clevenger, you can click here.

Unfinished business?

After a recent conversation with a group of local citizens, this bothers me some. The county commissioners were wanting to implement county building inspections and met with a public uproar. It supposedly even caused a lot of people to rethink the optional one cent tax. The building inspection was then dropped. During the conversation it was brought up that it was an election year. The commissioners want reelected. The thinking was that once the elections were over and the one cent tax was in, there would be a good possibility that the building inspection item would resurface and get passed. Leisenger (sp) wants it, can the incumbent commissioners be trusted to not pass it after everything settles down?


Be careful because if you do not agree with the politician that sheridan media is pushing they will not publish your post...... be careful in the way that word what are going to say.

What is wrong?

Here we go again

Seriously "spankhim", you feel the need to start whining again? Grow up. If you are SOOO dissatisfied with how this site is run, why do you continue to come back? I respect the fact that you have an opinion, but express it appropriatly and maturely. Your juvenile posts are simply that...JUVENILE. It seems that Mr Sisson has tried everything to explain to you the reasons your posts have been edited or "censored", but you just don't get it. The horse is dead man, leave it be.

Daddy's home!

Papa, please tell me what to say! Please Papa!
By the way, speaking of truth and identify, whose Papa are you?
Because I speak out against the .01 cent sales tax, because I do not favor your canidate, because I speak my mind, you chastise me? Because I voice my opinion?
Sheridan Media is a good way for OPINIONS to be voiced!
I understand that they "own" it, make the rules, and censor what they want, but it isn't 100% yet!
Thanks Sheridan Media, for only partialy censoring what some people write.......

What is wrong?

Unlike the others, I only

Unlike the others, I only have one major concern with your previous comment, Mr. Spankhim. When you say you "speak your mind," doesn't that presume that you have one to begin with? I not only disagree with that supposition, but find it ludicrous, based on the empirical data you have provided via your postings on the Sheridan Media website. Perhaps you should say you "speak your foot," or...something else.

You are welcome. By the

You are welcome. By the way, your account is currently blocked. You may consider this "being sent to time out" until you figure out how to contribute to the discussions here without making asinine posts like the one above.

Feel free to email when you come up with a good reason why you should be allowed to resume making comments on this site.

Sheridan Media is not

Sheridan Media is not "pushing" any candidate.

Just like "Dave Smith" you have had posts blocked due to our policy on anonymous personal attacks, and rather than follow the rules by allowing us to verify your identity (which would then get those posts published), you instead whine about censorship or political agendas.

I requested for that person to verify his identity multiple times, and each time he either made an excuse or simply ignored the request. Because he continued to violate our user agreement and refused to comply with the terms to which he agreed when creating the account, he has now been blocked. Suspiciously, almost immediately after we did that a new account was created and used to post some nearly identical material. We sent an email to the owner of that account two days ago and have not yet received a reply.

I think it says something about the trustworthiness of a person's statements when someone who claims to be concerned about posting "truth" is apparently unwilling to have their own true name be known. If you want to expose skeletons in closets you should start by taking off your mask.


if there is "unfinished business" why didnt u get off your rear end and finish it? Every politician who want to get re-elected always talks about unfinished business. this group of commisioners has run unchecked (ie CASA, RENEW grant) for way too long, it is time for new blood. sadly i am afraid the community will stick with the same ole same ole Boss Hogg and the boys

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