County Commission On Ownership Of Lands

County Commission On Ownership Of Lands

Land ownership on three parcels in southern Johnson County was discussed by the county commissioners at their last meeting.
The three parcels had recently been discovered to belong to the county, which had acquired them because of unpaid back taxes.

Since then, it looks as though one of the 10-acre parcels was never signed over to the county from the Federal Government.

The county has been trying to find records from the BLM, but with the recent Federal Government shutdown were not able to access their records.

They will look into the matter now that the government is once again open.

The county wants to put the two 10-acre parcels and an 80-acre parcel up for sale, but will keep the mineral rights on each.

County Deputy Attorney Barry Crago will look over the legals and draft the necessary paperwork for the sale of the properties.

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