Councilman Says Citizens Should Vote on Fluoridation of City Water

Sheridan City Councilman Jesus Rios issued a statement Monday regarding the city’s stand on adding fluoride to the city’s water system.

He said he believes the city residents should make the call because adding fluoride is not required for the water to be safe to drink.

This is the same stand he took before being appointed to the position in April. In his statement, he said he was asked by the council if he would have supported a vote on adding fluoride to the water. He said, if he’d been on the council in 2010, when the measure was voted in, he would have pushed for a community-wide vote on the issue.

He also stated at the time, he said, that he personally supports the use of fluoride as a preventative treatment against tooth decay and gave an example of a program he supported. He said he helped to initiate an optional fluoride rinse program in the school district when he ran a school health program back in 2005. A key aspect of the program, he said, was that the fluoride was optional, so parents could decide if they wanted their children to participate.

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