Council Votes To Continue Pathways

Council Votes To Continue Pathways

Sheridan City Council voted 5-2 on a resolution awarding a construction bid for the Dow St. pathway at their regular bi-monthly council meeting Monday night. The proposal was tabled several weeks ago, after objections to the proposed pathway as outlined were brought forth by adjacent property owner Dr. Bateman.

After considering several alternatives, the City Public Works Department came to the Council recommending to continue with the pathway as originally proposed. Nic Bateson, Public Works Director:

The two council members that voted against the resolution were John Heath and Steve Brantz. Councilor Heath explains he wanted to continue exploring other options:

Concerns about the width of the Dow pathway remain, as the width of the pathway will be six feet instead of the originally recommended 10. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey explains::

The bid was awarded in the amount of 32-thousand.


sounds like the doctors r not making the correct political contributions

Pathway approval

The Mayor and Council got it right last night by their 5-2 vote for approval of the bid to place the pathway behind the Doctor's office. Too often recently the Council has bowed to the wishes of the vocal minority, seemingly not thinking about the best interests of all their constituents. The minorities have figured out that if they take time to attend work sessions, lobby the council members, lawyering up when necessary, and then showing up at Council meetings, that they will prevail. Case in point, the neighboring property owners at South Park effectively gained restrictions to preserve their special space, but many alternate uses were prohibited. The Wyoming Avenue residents lobbied and obtained the disfunctional traffic control structure behind Safeway. Now we have Dysfunction Junction 1 and 2.
Last night though, with Mayor Dave and Councilman Mulholland providing leadership, the result was atimely and correct decision. Thank you.


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