Council Approves Grazing at Old Buffalo Landfill

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess
Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

The Buffalo City Council approved a request to pasture cows on City-owned property located at the old landfill site, now known as the Northridge Greenbelt Property.

City resident Joel White asked the Council for permission to graze his cows on the site, saying the 40-odd acres of City land behind his property would suit his needs well, and his cows in turn would help with fire mitigation by keeping the grass from growing wild.

One concern the Council had was protecting the monitoring wells that are installed at the site for the Department of Environmental Quality to periodically check to make sure that no contaminates are seeping into the soil or groundwater.

City Works Assistant Director Ken Durfee and Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess discussed what the City expects in the agreement.

White will install fencing or some other structure to keep his cows from damaging the wells, and will also erect a gate and maintain the fence around the City property.

He will supply water to his cattle from his own property, and there will be no costs to the City.

The council approved his request and city attorney Ben Kirven will draft a use agreement between White and the City of Buffalo.

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