Council Addresses Ordinance To Modify Liquor License Fees

Sheridan City Councilman Steve Brantz
Sheridan City Councilman Steve Brantz

The Sheridan City Council addressed liquor license fees at their meeting Monday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has the story.

At the request of the Sheridan City Council, City Clerk Scott Badley has put together an ordinance modifying the City's annual liquor license fees for bar and grill and restaurant licenses. Badley explains the ordinance that the Council approved on 1st reading.

The ordinance drew strong opposition from Councilor Steve Brantz.

Sheridan County Liquor Dealers Association Secretary Carol Davis voiced her disapproval of the ordinance, saying that the change would make it easier for some and harder on others. Councilors Steve Brantz and Robert Webster voted against the ordinance, with the rest of the Council voting in favor of it. There will be two more readings on the liquor license fee modification before it takes effect.

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Thank you Councilman Brantz

Thank you Councilman Brantz for standing up against this community's well ingrained culture of booze, booze, booze.

All I can say is ! wow !,

All I can say is ! wow !, Might want to look at a history book and ponder why prohibition did not work.. While I agree with Councilman Brantz's point most time, I think he may have overstepped this one..

" booze, booze, booze "

This is an individual decision not a community decision. I'm not a big fan of heavy drinking, but also recognize that I am not my brothers keeper..

Granted, what the Councilman said is true, "If the food is good then you don't need booze", however if I sit down to eat a steak why is another person deciding that I can not have a glass of wine or beer with that food..

Point blank, for the people that WANT that decision on what beverage to have for dinner they will favor vendors that have that options. So is it right for any level of government to be able to steer potential customers to one place as opposed to another?

Who said anything about

Who said anything about prohibition? No one, so let's not stray off the topic.

Councilman Brantz merely stated that he didn't support handing out lots of liquor licenses. Why?

Alcohol is a severe problem in town. It is responsible for many of law enforcement's calls and arrests. The criminal justice system spend untold amounts of money arresting, prosecuting, and jailing people who cause problems when under the influence of alcohol.

How many people have to have their lives put in jeopardy by drunk drivers? How many domestic assaults, fights,sexual assaults or accidental deaths do we have to tolerate?

If you are a taxpayer and are interested in where all of your money is going, you should care about this topic.

Alcohol is perfectly legal and should be. However, folks need to do better at using it responsibly.

There are lots of problems right now with public events and a handful of bars who over serve alcohol or who do not card minors. I think many establishments are careful. But some are not.

The councilman's point is that we need to do better at working with current license holders to reduce these problems. Then after that, perhaps add more liquor licenses.

Like it or not, the government has oversight over the dispensing of alcohol. Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can go open a bar or start selling alcohol. Controlling the number of licenses given out is certainly legitimate.

Hold on, I said "ponder why

Hold on, I said "ponder why prohibition did not work" The reasons of WHY it did not work apply here.. The focus was how it moved the public from one venue of getting their fill to another venue. The whole licensing arrangement represents anti capitalism.

"The criminal justice system spend untold amounts of money arresting, prosecuting, and jailing people who cause problems when under the influence of alcohol."

You don't see this as a money maker in ANY way ? interesting... Where does all the fine money go from the countless arrests I read every day... Ever sit in court and hear fine after fine handed out by the local judge? Where do you suppose all that money goes.. If you think we are digging a hole with law enforcement financially, take it up with the city administrator.

"How many people have to have their lives put in jeopardy by drunk drivers?"

It's your personal responsibility to mitigate your own level of risk.. Yes I concede there will always be collateral damage, that's just the price of life. sad but true.

"handful of bars who over serve alcohol or who do not card minors"

After about their 3rd offense I think I would be revoking their license, and handing it to a business that might try a little harder to follow the law. I guess in this case you could say it is a privilege to have that license, when you deny others who want one. How many licenses have you EVER seen pulled ?

There is absolutely no money

There is absolutely no money to be made by governments by going after criminals. I'm sure traffic citations are somewhat profitable. Most people don't fight or challenge those tickets. But jailing people for more serious offenses? That is a whole different story. Judges in this area hand out very little in the way of fines. It costs around $100 a day to put behind bars. There is absolutely no way to recoup the money spent on all of these people who are jailed.

Collateral damage is not acceptable. Drunk driving is completely in our hands and our responsibility. Anyone of us could die in some accident or mishap. But why not work to reduce drunk driving which is completely avoidable?

I do agree with you about revoking the licenses of businesses who are not being responsible. But I've never heard of that happening. From what I've heard, it is very difficult to punish of pull one of those licenses between renewals.

By any chance do you work

By any chance do you work for the insurance company?

"Collateral damage is not acceptable"

I'm being realistic, your point of view is undeniably not realistic.. I'm not saying its right.. I wouldn't want to dig the tax payer a hole over it..

"Drunk driving is completely in our hands"

No it is not, nor has it EVER been. It is in the hands of the person who makes the choice to drink and then drive.. Your perspective is no different then the thinking that there is a REAL war on drugs... There is no war, it is what it is... You sound like a politician making political banter. People don't fall for that stuff any more..

"drunk driving which is completely avoidable"

Maybe in fantasy land, but I got to ask do you believe the stuff your writing ?

"completely avoidable" talk it up.... It's just not the truth.. By your standard your going to teach people to not drink by taking their money? You're going to limit their access to a job? You're going to teach people not to drink by picking where they can have a drink for dinner?

It's kinda off topic, but if you want to address drunk driving come up with a different approach is all I'm saying.. Look at a peer approach not a government intervention approach. People who drink and drive on a regular bases need to find a new town to live in.. Peers, employers, and churches can make that happen at no cost to the tax payer...

Cost makes us our Brothers Keeper

I am not my brothers keeper..
We all are when it comes to " booze, booze, booze " because of the damage done by those who consume to much alcohol.

If pay taxes you should be concerned because of the amount of money spent to deal with those who drink to much.

Regulate Responsible Use, not through the rule book out.

brothers keeper

I believe as a tax payer we spend to much tax payer money trying to satisfy the "church goers" because of what they believe in.
If you don't like alcohol, don't go to business's that serve it. But, if you notice almost every eating establishment want's alcohol because that's what the majority of the people want and they can make money!!!

Brantz and Webster should be speaking for the people they represent, not what THEY personally think. So remember this Sheridanites when it come to re-election.

You obviously don't

You obviously don't understand the number of people in this community who are concerned about this community's rampant alcohol related problems.

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