Community Shows Their Support For Ted's Towing At Board Of Adjustments Meeting

It was standing room only in Council Chambers at Sheridan City Hall Thursday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there.

Members from the community packed the chambers in support of local businessman Ted Boggess, who owns and operates Ted's Towing, which is located at 584 East 8th Street. In 2008, a nearby resident filed an official complaint with the City, citing that the business was illegally operating in a an area that is zoned R-3 Residential.

Ted's Towing has been at that location for 35 years and has actually been granted two building permits from the city during that time. After hearing numerous testimonies of support from those that live near the business, and those who have benefited from Ted's generosity over the years, the Board of Adjustments granted a variance that will allow Ted's Towing to stay right where they are for as long as they wish. I caught up with Ted after the board's decision.

Board of Adjustments Chairperson, Nancy Drummond was impressed with the overwhelming community support.

The board's decision to grant the variance was unanimous, and was greeted with a loud round of applause from the many that showed up to show their support for Ted's Towing.

I totally agree

Sadly the general public is to apathetic to get out and vote, not to mention actually get politically active. I'm sure the newest episode of American Idol is way more important than pushing for political change in this country. Hence our county is run by the good old boy network and our country is broke. If every American would give $50 a year to a political cause, write one letter a year to their local paper along with their representative and senator, and attend just one political rally a year we would have a totally different landscape in this country and the pig men that inhabit Washington with their banker friends would be looking for jobs selling apples. The establishment WANTS Americans to be apathetic because their jobs depend on it.

If only the public would

If only the public would show up in these numbers to every city council meeting! Kinskey and the current city council would've been down the road a long time ago.

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