Committee Choses Proposal For Design Of Spray Park

A committee made up of City of Sheridan employees, Sheridan Recreation District Board members and one member from the City Planning Commission have been busy going over proposals from ten different design teams in regards to a spray park in Sheridan. Sheridan Recreation District Director Richard Wright says a decision has been made.

Wright said that there are three locations within Thorn-Rider Park where the spray park could be located and that the design team will evaluate those locations before making a final determination on the site. The approval of the design team will be on the Recreation District's agenda at their monthly meeting this Wednesday night.

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CJ, I do believe this is a

CJ, I do believe this is a spray park as in water (No way would I support a spray PAINT park) I think it will be great, I'm sure they will build it to recycle water like the fountain at the Commons. I have a young child who would get a kick out of such a park.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Spary What?

Spray WHAT! Don't you think the vandals already do enough tagging in this town w/o supplying and area so close to downtown and other recreation and other businesses? Who is going to monitor these "YOUnG Van Goethes"? They don't use the skate park why would they use a spray park? Unless it's a water spray and then they have already used enough resources for the water users! Build a par 3 or another driving range!

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