Commissioners To Offer DeSmet Deal

(Photo by Chris Foy)
(Photo by Chris Foy)

Sheridan County's commissioners are meeting the Game and Fish Commission in Rock Springs tomorrow.

Commission chair, Mike Nickel, said he's going to see how the board feels about entering into an agreement with only Johnson County.

Although Sheridan County wouldn't be entering into any lease agreements with the Game and Fish, Nickel asserted Sheridan County will retain authority over some of the lake water.

What's cut out of the deal, said Nickel, is the $100,000 per year maintenance tab Sheridan County has been paying. From his perspective, it's a win-win situation.

If the Game and Fish Department accepts the proposed deal, Johnson County would pay half a million dollars to Sheridan County over the course of five years. Several members of the Lake DeSmet Counties Coalition and Powder River Basin Resource Council have expressed concerns regarding management of the lake after water rights have been transferred to Johnson County. To learn more about the concerns raised by the LDCC, see the documents attached to this article below.

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