Commissioners Continue Cap Tax Talk

Cap Tax meetings continued this week, with the Sheridan County commissioners trying to clarify for voters what qualifies as projects before the proposal goes to a vote on Nov. 5.

Commission Chairman Steve Maier said road maintenance is on the list.

Commissioner Bob Rolston said the magnesium chloride road treatment, the county plans to use the tax money for, cuts down dust and is actually a practice prompted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Maintenance and upkeep of county roads is what the commission plans to spend its full $12.7 million of tax revenues on, if the one-cent on the dollar tax is renewed.

The tax would bring in a total of $40 million over the eight years, with the city of Sheridan receiving the bulk of the money, at $22.9 million, Clearmont, $560,000, and Dayton and Ranchester, $1.9 million, each.

A vote of, yes, on the tax proposal means tax on the dollar for Sheridan County would stay at six cents. If the Cap Tax is voted down, the tax on the dollar would drop back to five cents.

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