Commission Secures Airport For $100K

Commission Chair Steve Maier (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Commission Chair Steve Maier (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

As they do with most of their department's that have the potential to wind up in legal trouble, the county secured the airport this week with a bond of $100,000.

Sheridan County Commission Chair Steve Maier likened the surety bond to insurance and said it's pretty much a standard practice.

He went on to describe what types of situations a bond like this could cover.

That was Commissioner Bob Rolston voicing agreement.

The topic came up this week during the regular meeting of the commission, when the commission approved the bond for the airport, under the name of airport manager John Stopka.

Commissioner Terry Cram said the cost of the bond to cover the $100,000 is minimal, about $100. So, all agreed, purchasing the bond was money well spent.

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