Coloring in the Lines

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(Judy Hagerott photo)
(Judy Hagerott photo)

Who are we without our stories? Everyone has a story to tell; the problem is we don't take the time to listen. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott took the time to listen this past weekend.

I'm just curious by nature, almost to a fault. Now, this past weekend was pretty cold and when I saw this older gentlemen carefully peddling his way down Coffeen; shovel, leaf blower and gas can loaded down on his bike, curiosity took over.

I got ahead of him, pulled over, jumped out of the car and got him to stop, just as he was peddling by. Meet Rob Reyfeld.

Just shy of seventy, Rob lives by what the army taught him...the 'Bootstrap Program.”

That he does...takes care of himself. By trade, he calls himself a general contractor, but being hard of hearing and for the most part blind, biking is his only mode of transportation.

You know, those big trucks on Coffeen might make you hard of hearing too.

So Rob bikes to his jobs. This time of year, it's snow shoveling. Take a good look at Burger King's parking lot and drive-thru next time you're by. Rob keeps that snow clear.

And summertime, he pulls his lawn mower behind his bike; all of it, hard work for a man his age, but Rob's not afraid a little hard work.

In addition to his military experience, he's definitely proud of his heritage. Plus, Rob adds a bit of advice for Americans.

Rob has a wonderful work ethic some of us could learn from.

He also has a heart for the children.

No dole outs or hand outs for this man. His philosphy, “Do the best you can with what you have.

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