CO2 Concerns Don't Impede Wyoming Coal Mine Expansion

Antelope Mine near Gillette

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The federal government has rebuffed a new tactic by environmentalists to fight climate change by opposing the expansion of the nation's largest coal mines.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management decided Thursday to allow the sale of coal reserves next to the Antelope mine, the nation's fifth most productive coal mine. Cloud Peak Energy Inc. owns the mine in the Powder River Basin, which is the most productive coal region in the United States.

Several environmental groups opposed the expansion, saying the coal would contribute to climate change once it's burned. The BLM countered that options for limiting greenhouse emissions are better evaluated at power plants than at coal mines.

Cloud Peak Energy has applied to mine an additional 430 million tons of coal reserves. The mine yielded nearly 36 million tons in 2008.

What makes them . . .

What is exactly the environmentalists agenda? Why are they "so-called" and "weirdo's"? I agree with the BLM's ruling in that greenhouse emmisions are better controlled at the power plants, for the time being.


Good for the BLM!

It shows me that just maybe they have had their fill of the so-called environmentalists and their agenda. I hope they keep it up with both coal and oil/gas. It helps keep down our dependence on foreign oil, brings badly needed employment to the State, and helps the State and local economies. How much money do the environmentalists put into our State and local economies? Most of them are not even from Wyoming yet they want to DICTATE how Wyoming is controlled.

Thank God!!

It's about time the Gov't tells the enviro weirdo's to jump in a lake!!!

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