City To Vacate Alleys In Old Central Middle School Property

When the two blocks that housed Central Middle School were originally platted, alleys and lot divisions were present. Loucks Street was vacated so the school could be built. However, the alleys never were. Holy Name Catholic church now holds the property as undeveloped land and would like the alley right-of-ways vacated to facilitate development. Sheridan City Planner Robert Briggs…

During a meeting last night, the Sheridan City Council approved the request. The vacation is a city ordinance so it will require two more readings before it becomes effective.

The City Council also tabled an agreement with Royal Elk Properties to extend city sewer to the Woodland Park Village Trailer Court. Their current system is failing and the property owners are willing to put in the infrastructure but wish the City to waive the plant investment fees. City Councilor Ryan Mulholland tells us why the matter was tabled.

Discussions included concerns about the capacity of the line proposed by the property owner. The property owner stressed the urgency in this project due to the condition of the current waste treatment system in the trailer park.

Holy Name is in a great

Holy Name is in a great position to do whatever they want.Both kinskey and Bigelow are heavily involved in the church.

a real shame.

It was a real shame they tore down the old middle school and high school, so many people in this community went there and they were so historical. Does anyone have any pictures of either?

It's funny you bring that

It's funny you bring that up.. I often thought the same thing. As I drive the streets of St.Louis and Atlanta, I see how they protect their older brick structures. I've watched many shows where the buildings are converted and at the same time preserve the historic value.. Why stop with the schools, why not take out Kendric mansion. How much office space could have been made out of the two buildings ?

help me out here

this grid they show above, is that the projected lot size ? I dont see how you could build anything in a lot that small..

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