City Unveils Lighting To Be Used On North Main Construction Project

The North Main Neighborhood Association has worked for more than a year now to design enhancements that will be included in the WYDOT North Main reconstruction project. New decorative lighting will be installed, similar to the lights in downtown Sheridan. The new design was unveiled yesterday at City Hall. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey…

The North Main Reconstruction Project is due to begin this spring. It will involve the Main Street from Dow Street to Fort Road. The City of Sheridan will also replace aging infrastructure beneath the street during the construction.

Please explain your math on

Please explain your math on the electricity bill. It's not making ANY sense to me - I think you're off by a factor of 10 or more.

The city has already openly

The city has already openly admitted that the 4 exsisting blocks of lighting costs $110K a year.That's $27500.00 per block per year.From coffeen to fort road is 22 blocks.That gives you $605,000.00 a year in lighting costs.Just for electricity alone and that's not counting the fee hike that we're currently looking at.

The decorative poles cost $2500.00 a piece.Wydot will install the generic style light poles for free,which they routinely do all over the state.But you know we can't have ordinary silver light poles.This is sheridan.

I don't know what the

I don't know what the existing lights cost to operate, but I read somewhere that the new light source the city is going to use is less than 100 wats per pole. I don't know how many per block we're going to get, but let's just say that it's 8 per block. That's 800 wats per block (at 100 wats per pole). 1st to Fort Road is 17 blocks. That's 13,600 wats, or 13.6 kw total. If the lights are on for 12 hours a day (average), that's 163.2 kw hours per day. Multiplied by 365 days, that's 5,568 kw hours per year.

I don't remember exactly what I pay for electricity, but I think that 10 cents per kw hour is more than what the rate is. If we use 10 cents, the total spent on the lights would be $5,956.80 per year. I don't know other fees would come into play, or maybe Christmas lights, and there may be more lights than what I'm figuring, but that's a long ways from hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I could totally be wrong, though - I don't know as much about this as you apparently do. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I'm curious if either my math is wrong, or if I got some wrong information somewhere. Thanks for bearing with me.

Do you not have anything

Do you not have anything better to do than whine and complain on the computer all day? If you really care that much, get up and do something about it. If not, find something better to do.

I think it's a great idea. I will gladly pay the taxes I would have had to pay anyway to live in a beautiful town.

North Main Lighting

I certainly hope the mistake of over-doing the lighting won't be repeated. The downtown lighting would have been more attractive, less costly and less intrusive on the sidewalks if it were half as many lights (spaced much further apart!).

Here's a little bit better

Here's a little bit better perspective on what these light poles will actually cost the citizens of sheridan.

Four blocks of this lighting on main street costs the city of sheridan $110k a year in electricity currently.Now we're going to run this lighting from where it leaves off at alger for another 18 blocks to fort road for a total of 22 blocks of decorative lighting.Which equals $605k a year for electricity to run decorative lighting that serves no real purpose.That isn't counting what these fixtures cost to buy and install or up keep costs. WELCOME TO THE NEW AND IMPROVED SHERIDAN.

Yes,Light poles are always

Yes,Light poles are always real important,even though the city is short on funds to replace sewer and water under North Main.You wouldn't want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on being able to flush your toilet or use your water tap,when you could be spending that money on black steel lamp poles and benches.

We sure are lucky to have people like Brian Kuehl,Jim Tyra and the Debolts to name a few,on the North main Neighborhood association,coming up with these fine ideas to spend everyone elses money.

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