City Of Sheridan Will Continue To “Experiment” With Curbside Recycling

Over the past several years the City of Sheridan has stepped up their recycling efforts considerably. The presence of numerous blue bins around the City is a testament to that effort and now the City is experimenting with curbside recycling. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey stresses that for now, curbside recycling is just that, an experiment.

Kinskey said that as part of the “experiment”, the City will monitor what comes out of the curbside recycling stream and what its economic value is and what the cost of hauling it is before making any kind of determination on adopting a full blown curbside program.

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Now wasting your tax dollars

Now wasting your tax dollars is called an "experiment".

This should be voluntary if put in place

For the size of Sheridan, we have good enough opportunity to recycle all over town. If people want curbside recycling it should be optional and not mandatory, especially if they are wanting to raise people's utility bills by another $5.

This is nothing more than a money making revenue for the city skeem...

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