City Of Sheridan Releases Names Of Some Candidates For Police Chief

The City of Sheridan released some of the names of the six remaining candidates for Sheridan Police Chief. All six finalists were asked to submit a biography for public review.

Daniel Busken began his law enforcement career in University City, Missouri in 1983. He was most recently Chief of Police in Madison, Alabama, where he has been for 9 years.

Rick Arnold is currently a watch commander for the Loveland Police Department in Colorado. He has been with the department over 20 years now and was awarded a medal of valor in 1998.

Kenneth Gillespie started his career working with the Pomona, California Police Department in 1979. He retired from the department in 2008 to become Assistant Police Chief in New Haven, Connecticut.

These three candidates will join three others in an extensive testing and interview process Thursday and Friday.

All six finalists are expected to attend a meet and greet function Thursday night, hosted by the Sheridan City Council in their chambers at City Hall. The reception is expected to last around an hour and is scheduled for 8PM.

COMPLETE BIOGRAPHIES (as submitted by the candidate)

Daniel J. Busken was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He lived there with his parents, three brothers and one sister. His parents both served in the Army during World War II. They owned and operated a small neighborhood grocery store for over 40 years. His parents passed away in 2002, and one of his brothers, who was disabled his entire life, passed away in 1996.
He graduated from high school in 1979, where he was involved in football and ice hockey. He played football for three years at Culver-Stockton College, located in Canton, Missouri, and was a team Captain his senior year. In May of 1983, he graduated from this institution with a degree in Business Administration.
Daniel J. Busken began his law enforcement career with the University City, Missouri Police Department in May of 1983 and received 16 weeks of basic training at the St. Louis Police Academy. Busken served as President of his police academy class. Following this training, he spent the next nine years as a police officer, crime prevention specialist, investigator (four years in narcotics - working undercover), and served as a Field Commander of the Municipal Enforcement Group (MEG Drug Unit). Busken began work on a Master's degree while employed by University City.
Busken was appointed Chief of Police in Crystal City, Missouri beginning this assignment on January 1, 1993. Crystal City is a community of 4,500 residents, located on the Mississippi river, approximately 30 miles south of St. Louis. Crystal City experienced two devastating floods during his tenure. Busken received his Master's Degree in Public Administration from St. Louis University in 1994. He attended session 184 of the FBI National Academy in 1996.
Busken was appointed as Chief of Police in Madison, Alabama following seven years as the Chief of Police in Crystal City. He began the assignment in Madison on February 1, 2000 and continued in this assignment until February 1, 2009. Madison's population was 29,000 in 2000. The population reached 42,000 over the last nine years. In October of 2001, Busken sent eight Madison police officers to New York to assist with security following the terrorist activity of September 11. Efforts of these officers were noted in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul. Busken returned to the FBI Academy in 2003 to attend the Law Enforcement Executive Development (LEEDS) course. In addition, he began work on a doctorate in Business Administration/Criminal Justice and has completed 27 of the 51 hours required for this degree.
Busken is the father of three children. Alex is 19 - a sophomore at Auburn University, Jacob is 17 - a senior in high school, and Elizabeth is 14 - in the eighth grade. He enjoys exercise, watching most professional sports, and working around the home.

Lt. Rick Arnold has served with the nationally-accredited Loveland Police Department in Colorado for over 20 years and is currently a patrol division Watch Commander. Some of his collateral assignments are SWAT Team Commander, Field Training Program Coordinator, and Alternatives to Violence board member. His diverse career has included all facets of patrol, traffic and investigative unit operations. He has also worked on various grant development and management programs. He has received several commendations and was awarded the Medal of Valor in 1998. His educational background includes an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice, B.A. in History and Government, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and he is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command. His hobbies include camping, boating and photography.

Kenneth M. Gillespie was born and raised in the Los Angeles, California metropolitan area. Along with his wife Karen, Kenneth has five children and three grandchildren. Kenneth’s career in public safety began when he joined the Police Explorer Program as a scout in high school followed by his work as a Police Cadet while in college. Kenneth graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy in June, 1978 and transferred to the Pomona (California) Police Department in February, 1979. His assignments in Pomona included Patrol, Detectives (Major Crimes, Gangs, and Narcotics), Motors, SWAT, Air Support, Training Bureau, Internal Affairs, Recruitment and Background Investigations. Throughout his tenure in Pomona, Kenneth was promoted to the ranks of: Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain, serving as Division Commander of all major divisions of the Pomona Police Department including: Operations, Support Services, Professional Standards, and Investigative Services. He retired from the Pomona Police Department on September 26, 2008 to accept a position as Assistant Police Chief with the New Haven Department of Police Services, commanding the Operations Division of the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Connecticut
Kenneth graduated with high honors from Biola University in La Mirada, California, with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. He was selected by the Biola University faculty for induction into the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society for scholarship and leadership. He has undertaken graduate studies in criminal justice at Boston University. Kenneth is a graduate of the California Command College, was selected as class valedictorian, and subsequently appointed to the POST advisory committee for Command College. He is also a graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management Institute for Police.

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I continue to be amazed at

I continue to be amazed at the narrow minded attitudes exhibited in so many of these comments. Furthermore, it is quite obvious that some participants merely have a personal agenda and will stop at nothing to further their position. Lies and half truths are abundant.

The city is to be commended for the selection process implemented in choosing the police chief. It was thorough and fair.

The motives of the Sheridan newspaper are questionable and only promote a negative attitude within the community. We would all be better served if the publisher would work as hard to develop a positive partnership with the city, and spread a sense of pride and accomplishment. The atmosphere here is becoming quite confrontational and unless we all work together, we will all lose in the end.

I find it funny that your

I find it funny that your yapping about, "participants merely have a personal agenda and will stop at nothing to further their position"

And the kicker is, they are yapping about officials in the community who will stop at nothing to further their position..

Think about it, it's totaly funny that you would try to put down someone who don't have a oppinion that agrees with yours.

And the kicker is you call the Sheridan press "questionable"

Yes,a newspaper that is

Yes,a newspaper that is seeking transparency and honesty in its local goverment is always suspect.

Don't Hire any one of them!

East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, DollarRado! Don't hire any of these clowns.....They don't seem to be anymore qualified than the locals who applied! I would rather see a local make good than bring in some master of disquise that will spread his brand of BS and disapear into the night like so many other jokers who want to come here to work! Start the process over it might cost a little more now but we will be saving it in the end when we have to go through the same BS again in 2 years or so!

With any luck kinskeys yes

With any luck kinskeys yes man will only have three years at most,to help kinskey further ruin sheridan.


Dear Jo, dillio1973, and Anonymous,
Assistant Chief Gillespie has five children, all of whom have been teenagers and one who still is. None of them were ever involved in gangs. Neither are his grandchildren. He is a California native, and very unhappy with the liberal ways of his native state. He is a cowboy at heart looking for a good down home town. He puts God and family before everything else in his life. Remember 'Judge not, that ye be not judged' from Matthew 7:2? Well, Californians are capable of fairness and equality just as much as folks from Sheridan are. Do not judge him based on his governor and his native state's backward thinking. Do your research before making snap judgements.

You should have tossed

You should have tossed Romans 13 in there as well... Didn't think I was passing judgement.

I was not judging Asst.

I was not judging Asst. Chief Gillespie personally, I was judging a lot of other states coming into Wy. and trying to change how and what we believe. I think all the canidates are very capible of the job. Please don't try to get us to do things like they do back home.

Grow up

Enough of the Kinskey bashing already! He's being used as a scapegoat for every little thing and frankly it's pushed beyond disgusting---immature and childish.

Let's deal with the question at hand. We've have collectively elected officials to do their respective jobs for our community---they do have our best interests in mind!

Certainly share your opinions and suggestions...but quit using lame excuses. Mayor Kinskey has been a benefitted our community in more ways than not.

By all means list all the

By all means list all the things that kinskey has done to benefit sheridan.This should be real informative.

police chief

I like the sound of Officer Busken, He sounds down home and some one that we can relate to. We do not need any more California influences brought to our state. They just plain and simple, do things different there. We have teenagers here that are not in gangs. We do not need them treated like they are all bad. Officer Busken sounds like he would be fair since he has teens. I would also like to comment to Carter that it sounds like you have a negitive attitude towards some of the sheridan people. Remember who made you welcome here for the last 3 years.

Chief Dan Busken

Your community couldn't pick a finer person than Dan Busken as your next Chief of Police. While Crystal City (MO) Chief of Police, he and his family were our neighbors. He was there during the floods we experienced in 1993 and 1995. He was there when a bomb threat was called into the hospital where my wife was employed. Our children all played together in the 1990s. He has had a great tenure as Police Chief of Madison, Alabama, and managed a growing police force in a quickly-growing community. I mean no disrespect to the other fine candidates when I say that Sheridan will be greatly served by selecting Dan Busken as your next Chief of Police.

Dan Busken certainly appears

Dan Busken certainly appears to be the most qualified in terms of education / experience. Additionally, I know Mr. Busken personally and can attest to his integrity, loyalty and dedication.

Shreidan would be very fortunate if Mr. Busken becomes their police chief.

what is so bad about being

what is so bad about being from california, we want the candidates to be a little worldly don't we?

"little worldly"

Might not want to go down that road, California is about 1 step away from being the FIRST state in the union to go totally bankrupt. Also, if I were an officer in Sheridan I would want to know if he supports furlows. That is big in California, Unpaid leave in these economic times seems to be a fix all for local government. I would also guess that the Sheridan mayor might try to play that card in the future when they take a good look at where the budget is going to take them.


Sheridan Police Chief

After living here for just 3 short years, it would appear to me that some long term residents are so embittered over their current mayor that no matter which person is chosen to be police chief, it will be wrong. My suggestion to those who can't shake the past from their current agendas... look ahead, not behind you. Expect trouble and you'll find it. Expect positive and professional people to be in command of your local police force and maybe, just maybe we'll move forward. Sheridan's beauty and quality of life is only as good as each individual person will make it by their own initiatives and desire to focus on the whole and not allow some past issue to define ones entire attitude.
I have not met one police officer or one law enforcement afilliate in Sheridan county who was not friendly, courteous and professional. You get what you give out. As we grow and continue to move forward as a community, times are changing and we need law enforcement to be respected more than ever. Should they earn that respect? Of course, but how would you feel if you came in as police chief with the credentials of these various candidates and you heard the complaining of people about the mayor and the whines about everything. You'd wonder if you made the right decision or walked into a time bomb of poltical garbage that you and your family just don't need. Let the choice be whomever it is and get behind him or her. Get over your whines about Kinskey. If you don't like this mayor, then you have the opportunity to elect someone else soon, but don't let your dislike for Kinskey poison the welcome for an incoming police chief.

Chief candidates

So, far the three candidates appear to have very impressive credentials. We do not have a local officer who could carry these guys' water.

Picture Perfect

I find it convenient, the only candidate whose picture appears on this page is from California. It appears more information has already been obtained on him. All I can say to the people of Sheridan, is remember, you elected Kinskey, which means you have to accept the person he chooses to replce Card.

re: Picture Perfect

I did not vote for Kinskey... and there is a large number of people that didn't either. When he was re-elected, it was a pretty close vote count to Wright. So about half of us "People of Sheridan" dont want to accept it many decisions that Kinskey makes, but really, we have no choice since it isnt our decision. It would have been nice though, for a local officer to have gotten the chief position. I know of 3 that would have done a great job.

Candidate information

Just a note. The City asked each individual candidate to provide a biography. Each one was written by the candidate themselves and submitted to the City. I chose to post the biographies in their entirety as sent to me. Gillespie was the only one who chose to provide a photo of the three that responded already. That's the only reason that his picture is there. It was the only one that I had. It was my choice to use that photo instead of stock footage of the City, City Council, Mayor, or Police Chief. Nothing should be read into the use of that photo in particular. Thanks.


Gillespie should be perfect

Gillespie should be perfect for kinskey.He's from kinskeys home state.


Brilliant deduction *****.

Gillespie not from Wyoming

Actually, I believe Mayor Kinskey grew up here in Sheridan and graduated from Sheridan High School. That should make his home state Wyoming.

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