City of Sheridan Receives Grim Financial Outlook

The Sheridan City Council received some bad news Monday night, as City Treasurer Jennifer Reed provided a financial update that wasn't exactly glowing.

Reed stated that the City is looking at the cold fact of cutting $1.3 million from the General Fund to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Reed explains where the $1.3 million figure came from.

As far as how the City will be able to balance the budget? Still too early to tell, says Reed.

Reed said that the City may have to look at voluntary early retirement and employee buyouts to trim the numbers. Human Resources Director Heather Doke stated that historically, the City has done a buyout for an employee who's position is being eliminated, but added that that doesn't necessarily have to be the case in the future.

Councilor Ryan Mulholland expressed concern over losing City employees, and asked if there were any other way to cut the fat without losing personnel. Mayor Dave Kinskey replied that he'll continue to work with staff on finding ways to cut back without losing any employees.

I find it amusing that all

I find it amusing that all of the posts about decreasing the budget is geared toward take-home police cars. If they do not have take home police cars then the cars that are used would be used 2x to 2x them amount that they are right now. Instead of one police car being used for 4 10hour shifts the car would be used for 2-3 10 hour shifts meaning that there would be more miles which leads to more frequent oil changes, repairs and replacements. As of now the cars are replaced when needed or I believe every 3-4 years. Also, most of the cars are already purchased so why not use them? It would all come out even in the end. Lets target another area that could use a budget cut realistcally.

Grim outlook for Sheridan City Employees

Am sorry but I have to remain Anonymous- I agree totally that the Chief of Police Wage is incredulous! Hourly employees have not had a pay increase for going on 2nd year now- because there is no money???- and a lot of these employees are on the very bottom of their pay scale, barely making ends meet and many are working 2nd jobs.

These employees are not complaing- they have their jobs and until recently had some job security-

But then wham- a non-qualified chief of police is hired - recruited from another town- at an increase in pay over what the previous chief was making- wow- Thanks be to Mr. Kinskey for slapping his loyal, hourly employees in the face.

Warm and fuzzy all over!

To one in my neighborhood and others who feel that a $35,000 dollar patrol car in your neighborhood makes you feel warm and fuzzy think again! Chances are they are not around and the patrol car is just parked there! I feel sick, not warm and fuzzy when I see the police state that Sheridan and the state of Wyoming has become! Like the seat belt law that was put in place for YOUR protection and now can be used AGAINST YOU... WAKE UP! If you want to feel warm and fuzzy and protected buy a firearm and learn how to use it! Pay taxes on Election Day!

By seeing the car in front

By seeing the car in front of my house I know where they live and feel comfortable that I can go them for assistance if needed. Which I have! Also, how can the seat belt law be used against you? Getting a ticket for not using the seat belt? I completely agree with getting a ticket for not using your seat belt. Unfortunately it became a law for the people who do not use common sense to use their seat belt as their own protection.

who are you to state common

who are you to state common sense is wearing a seat belt. Statistics go only so far cause your certain predictiment a seat belt could kill you. You don't know and just because it is chance, that chance is always fifty fifty.

city personal cuts

I agree with not hireing the new police chief. Scott seems to be doing a good job and this would save 100k + per year
The fire chief would be a great place to save more have never seen him do anything but fit in daves pocket.
We should look at the many projects and trim back or delay them (dog parks trails water features etc) until times get better. I would rather see that than cut back on personal.
Rocky Mtn could be cut and their revenue diverted to the city coffers.

EMS Services

I agree with this suggestion – I will admit I’m a little naïve when it comes to city politics but something that I would like explained better is the Rocky Mountain situation. We have a great fire/rescue department that is more than capable of providing all EMS services to Sheridan and furthermore aren’t we as tax payers already paying them for those services - why then do we also have a contract with Rocky Mountain to provide EMS services? It’s like we’re getting double billed. I agree to contract Rocky Mountain out for county calls because the city would need to keep SFR in town but there seems to be no justification for us to pay for them to service the city of Sheridan when we already pay SFR to do so. Again I’m not sure how much that would save but I’d like to see some justification for why we need them to provide services to the city especially when everyone complains that the fire department doesn’t do anything yet we’re taking away their calls and giving them to Rocky? Final thought is that if we have all those services provided by SFR then won’t the city see some increase revenue? Right now they split calls with Rocky so half the income is going to them. Again I will admit I’m naïve with this stuff but I would really like to see some justification on things like this before we look at firing city employees.

Fairly simple.The Sheridan

Fairly simple.The Sheridan Fire Department is a money pit.Largely due to Wilson consolidating Fire and EMS into one entity and having to increase man power by at least 4x,plus increase the size of the fire house.At the same time Rocky Mountain offers EMS at a fraction of the cost to the tax payer.That's math even Kinskey can understand.

Kinskey's Math

I guess I don't agree with you saying they are a money pit because Kinskey has allowed Rocky to receive EMS calls for the city without paying for anything. Since the city has an ambulance service they aren't obligated to give any calls to Rocky. Typically private services have to pay to use dispatch radio frequencies yet Kinskey gives them away for free - that's math I don't understand, can you explain that?

I'd explain that math right

I'd explain that math right up there with Allowing Mr. James to lease the golf course facilities from the city for $1500.00 a year.

Even better would be explaining why the tax payer should have to pay the pension of the Fire fighters who can retire with 20 years of service,many of which retire in their 40's and spend another 40 years pulling pension.I'd gladly pay the differance of allowing Rocky to supposedly use some radio frequencies for pennies,rather then Millions of dollars going to retirement for a fire department that does next to nothing daily.

I’m honestly sad to hear

I’m honestly sad to hear that people feel we’re wasting money on retirement funds. I understand that there are costs involved in having a city fire department but these men and women give up a lot everyday to service us – I think we owe them those retirement benefits – it takes someone special to do what they do. There is a lot of risk involved in what they do and the least we can do is pay towards those retirement funds. Yes they can retire after 20 years of service and may pull 40 years worth of pension but every day they go to work they put our lives, complete stranger’s, before they’re own. I don’t even think that you can put a price on that – out of respect we owe them their retirements. If people seriously are thinking they don’t deserve that I’m not proud to be called a citizen of Sheridan, we’re better than that.

Rocky is a private entity was all I was saying and if we’re looking at decreasing costs or increasing revenue why don’t we charge them for those frequencies like all other cities do; just a little extra in the piggy bank. It’s not a uncommon practice just look at what Rapid City did.

Off the subject just a bit,

Off the subject just a bit, but where was all this outrage when 700 billion of taxpayer money went to Wallstreet for their retirement and bonuses?

EMS - Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Ambulance has a "contract" with the County, and maybe the VA, but they have no "contract" in which they receive renumeration from the city. They are a private "for-profit" ambulance service. When someone calls the dispatch ("911") if they state no preference then dispatch alternates the calls between Rocky and Sheridan Fire. It's called Free Enterprise. There is no double billing. In essence within the city Rocky competes with Sheridan Fire.

"It is painfully obvious

"It is painfully obvious that you have had some kind of contact with the police department".

What's painfully obvious,is intelligence isn't your strong point.

The only thing take home patrol cars are good for,is wasting as much optional 1% sales tax as possible. Take home police cars rank right up there with spray parks.

I live in a neighbor hood

I live in a neighbor hood where there are several SO and PD cars. It makes me feel safe just to look outside and see the patrol car sitting outside. Also, I do know that the SO is looking at budget cuts and I really hope that their partol officers are not affected. The SO and PD officers are both vital to our safety. They have done alot in crime/drug busting the past year. Also, I do know that the SO has on-call so they need their patrol cars at home when and if they get called out during the several hours there is not a SO cop on duty. I dont know if this is true though for the PD.

Seeing police cars

If just seeing parked police cars makes everyone feel safe, just buy a few cars and have one guy move them around every so often.

I mean it makes me feel safe

I mean it makes me feel safe because I know where an officer lives and I can go to them for assistance if need be. Which I have done in the past and they have been very helpful.


Such a silly argument. A little simple math solves this problem. When each officer has their own take home car, they are putting less miles on the vehicles. So instead of replacing a car in three or four years, maybe you are doubling the life of that cop car? Not really hard to comprehend when you use your head and don't have an agenda.

totally agree! I dont think

totally agree! I dont think people actually sit and think about it before they complain. Thank your for pointing that out!

Cops are an endless void of

Cops are an endless void of unnecessary expenditure - much like the black hole of our public school system. It should be easy to reduce spending, but our politicians lack the spine to cut back on bloated government programs.

until you need them

Until you need them and then everything is GREAT. You are so happy they can respond with their cars so quickly and have everything available to help you. What is wrong with people?!

YOUR speculation on the

YOUR speculation on the consistency of my beliefs is wrong. Even if it means limited access during an unlikely need to call law enforcement, I value liberty over a bloated police state. For example - DARE officers are not necessary, since that is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians. Nor is it necessary to have the nearly daily presence of law enforcement stationed at the ridiculous Big Horn Avenue School zone, which should not exist in the first place.

I agree though - what is wrong with people? Why are people willing to enable a nanny state in exchange for sacrificing liberties that so many in the past have paid the ultimate price to protect? I think it all boils down to individuals shucking responsibility without considering the cost of irresponsibility.

We all know that...

Every parent/legal guardian always lives up to their responsibilities in raising children. Especially addicted parents! *dripping with sarcasm* I know my meth-head parents' primary goal was educating me on the dangers of drugs.

*sigh for ignorance

Having a differing opinion

Having a differing opinion does not equate to ignorance. Of course dead beat parents exist, but I still value liberty over statism. If poor parenting is such a concern to you, then you could take it upon yourself to organize and do something instead creating a loss of liberty for all citizens via unnecessary government involvement in social issues.

*big sigh for shortsightedness without considering the larger picture

You are correct that it is

You are correct that it is the parents responsibility to raise drug free kids- but two points:

1. Many people do not live up to their reaponsibities, in a perfect world ever kid would have great parents that teach them the woes of drugs, every person would be responsible and not steal from others, spouses would take their responsibility seriously enough not to beat on each other. So in a perfect world cops would not be needed- don't think we are there yet.

2. As a parent who does take the responsibility of raising my kids very serious I welcome other responsible and respected adults, like the two fine dare deputies, reiderating to my kids the message I teach them.

"individuals shucking

"individuals shucking responsibility without considering the cost of irresponsibility."

you are 100% correct.. All these parents are quick to say good job to the DARE program... These parents could care less that other members of the community who have no children still get tax money siphoned away from them. The parents of children need the bloated nanny state in place to fill the gap due to the fact that they cant fill it in home..

Sheridan could save $20

Sheridan could save $20 million just by rescinding the offer of employment to that new police chief. That's how much Gillette's looking at having to pay out because someone flipped him off.
With so many of our neighbors in tough economic positions and Adriaens coming in with over $107,000 of our money per year it's hard to imagine some else won't be flipping him the bird.

lay offs

just heard that the city is asking for suggestion, on how to get the budget back then. will lets let some of these new people go. why do we pay a new police chief $100000.00 or more a year hell i hear that he makes more then any police of chief around. I was out and heard that the city just bought a new truck. what do the city alway have to have a new truck or car every year? come on I'm sure there wasn't anything wrong with the other ones. as far as the police cars I agree I think that they all should share the cars.

Police force numbers?

I heard a rumor recently that the city of Sheridan has more police officers than Billings, Montana. Each is provided a vehicle, supposedly for "official use only". Is there any way to verify this and if it is true, why the need for so many?

Billings vs Sheridan

From the Billings Police website - "Patrol operations are commanded by a Captain and are staffed by three Shift Lieutenants, 12 Sergeants, approximately 75 patrol officers, and five K-9 patrol officers. At any given time, there should be no less than nine patrol officers on shift, and as many as 15. This number does not include available command staff." Which equals 96 officers(not including Detectives). Sheridan has 1 Cpt, 2 Lt.'s, 5 Sgt.'s and 20 patrol officers = 28 (this DOES include Detectives).

At a population of around 90,000 in Billings, that is roughly 1 officers for every 937 people. Sheridan's population is around 17,000 people, that means there is about 1 officer for every 607 people. So no, Sheridan does NOT have more officers than Billings.

Do some research

Do some research

That is why I asked.

Police Force and Patrol Cars

I don't know where you hear your rumors, but from the Billings PD Web-site - "The Billings Police Department is made up of 134 sworn police officers. The officers serve a population over 100,000 people. " The City of Sheridan has 29 sworn officers ---- no where close to 134. The take home patrol cars have several important functions. (1) Either way you sooner or later have to replace cars. Cars that run 24/7 have higher maintenace issues - being run all the time with "no time off". They wear out much faster. Also, statistically a vehicle driven by one driver is much better maintained as each officer is specifically responsible for hie or her own vehicle. Better maintained = longer lasting. (2) Each officer can and does make additional stops on their way to duty and on their way home. (3) Each officer has a termendous amount of his or her own gear. To take their gear in and out of each vehicle each shift change would add at least another 30 minutes of un productive time in which they could not respond to calls. (4) On occasion officers are called on while off duty - they can respond much quicker from their homes with fully geared up vehicles. In the long run having take home cars not only increases perceived police presence, but saves repair/replacemnt dollars.
As to "official use" each officer when reporting for duty gives his beginning mileage, and at the end of duty reports his ending mileage... so yes it is verified... "official use only"...

Policing is subject to the

Policing is subject to the latest trends just like everything else.The latest trend is giving a car to every officer.Most of this trend has been supported by the unchecked spending of communities like sheridan.These types of decisions are made by Police Administrations and approved by City Council in the case of Sheridan neither has a clue.In the case of Chief Card you had Kinskey supporting anything he wants,because after all Card was Kinskeys california buddy and all knowing policing expert.

Bottom line is giving out personal cars to cops is expensive and it saves no money.Plenty of transportation services routinely run cars and SUV's non stop and have few maintenance issues and those vehicles see 400k miles before being replaced.Leaving vehicles parked and cold start up is what causes the most damage to vehicles.

The maintenance costs of fixing a police car being shared and driven by two or more officers,is far less then the cost of providing each officer with a personal car.

One of the common practices in most departments that play the personal car game like sheridan,is they trade these vehicles in at 70k.When you have shared police cars they usually run those cars into the 150k range.By running a shared vehicle to 150k miles you still end up buying half as many vehicles as when you run personalll assigned vehicles.

You can record starting mileage all you want.The fact remains,you're still racking up tons of miles driving to and from your house.These miles would be eliminated if you drove your own civilian vehicle like the rest of america.

As for personal gear.You've got a Duty Bag and possibly your own Shotgun and AR,to load into a police car at the beginning of shift,most departments assign the latter two weapons to the vehicle.Which leaves you with the daunting task of throwing a bag and some outer clothing into a vehicle at beginning of shift.If that's too hard for you to handle every work day,then maybe you should find a different line of work that's less strenuous.There's no excuse for not being ready at the beginning of shift,if you show up on time,regardless of vehicle program.

The city of sheridan could save even more money by implementing foot patrol into their policing.No,they wouldn't be able to prey on the public with as many speeding tickets.But a cop walking rather then driving during the entire course of their shift,would save all kinds of money in wasted fuel,and wasted mileage.


R.Jones - you are always bagging on the PD for one thing or another. Don't you get your clients by them doing their jobs?? I think you need to see a shrink to help work on some of these issues you are harboring. You are in my prayers.

I've never commented on the

I've never commented on the PD prior to this.

you say the City could save

you say the City could save money by eliminating Officers driving tons of miles to their house? How far do you think they are driving to home? I'm pretty sure to have a take home car they have to live within 5 or 6 miles of the City and I think most of them live in the City limits.

Go ride around with an Officer sometime... you'll see there's a little more then just a duffle bag of gear. The car is their office. Radio's, radars, fire extinguishers etc.... are set up differently in all of them. Computer mounts locked in a position for a specific Officer. For an Officer to know where a fire extinguisher, shot gun, first aid kit, road flares, stop sticks, ticket book, tazer cartridges, recording devices, camera etc.... are and being able to grab any of them in a second while keeping focused on several other things is critical. Officers have their cars set up uniquely to each Officer.

Fact is Officers are human... give a human something of his or her own and they will be more opt to check the oil, pay attention to noises it makes, keep it clean etc........ Put a car in rotation and it will get neglected. That's human nature like it or not.

This is a fun conversation but it is not the problem or solution with the City's money problems. Consider this fact- The number of patrol Officers has shrunk over the last few years (despite increasing crime, population and city annexations). So the result is that the P.D. has more cars then Officers. Take away the take home program and all you are doing is having Officers park the cars at the P.D. instead of parking them in their neighborhoods. With a city facing an alleged financial crisis- parking cars 1-10 miles away from where they are currently parked is not going to solve any financial problems- it will however be another slap in the face to the Officers on the street who have had their raises taken away for a couple years now, had positions taken away and been snubbed by the City when it comes to the top leadership position.

Another reason not mentioned in this discussion why many mid to small size departments use a take home car program is that a city like Sheridan is often being policed by as few as 2-3 Officers and the need to call other Officers from their homes to respond to a call can often happen. Officers also have to respond to training and court duties- to which they may have to be called into action as they are "on duty". Asking an Officer to do these duties in their personal cars may not seem like a huge deal- but if they are honest (as I hope we want them to be) with their insurance companies they would have to offer the fact that their cars are used for police duties and then they will not be able to insure their vehciles. Think the City will want to insure them????

Perhaps a better question would be why while the number of Officers keeps decreasing the number of administration personal to run the department keeps growing and the personal at city hall keeps growing???????

The bottom line is personal

The bottom line is personal patrol cars are a waste of tax payers dollars.Considering the fact that sheridan did just fine prior to personal patrol cars,does nothing to justify the waste of tax dollars to implement the personal patrol car program.You are correct,it was a useless administrator that implemented the use of personal patrol cars in sheridan.

There's no justification for spending $30k plus for a personal police car,just so you don't have to adjust the seat,computer or locate the fire exstinguisher.

One only needs to look at the Sheriff's department to see how pathetic the police department is.The SO does more with less daily,plus budgets in the running of the jail.Considering that 3/4 of the PD has went to work for the SO during the past 10 years also speaks volumns for the job that the SO does and it's work atmosphere.

I never worry about how many police officers are on duty at any given time.Given the fact that you can reliably find at least three cops at the Holliday south store during the AM hours,clearly shows the lack of need for having anymore on duty to take a bite out of crime..


Why are you so concerned about the police department. when the changes you are talking about when there would be no financial gain by making them as explained above several times to your simple mind. Fact is, you are not approaching the right part of government. You need to look at your mayor who continues to pull the wool over your eyes. By hiring out of town hot shot department heads who make salaries and the top end of the positions range before they have even stepped foot in the door. Also, the mayor himself has hired positions within city hall that practically serve no function at all. We have multiple human recources positions that could be cut down to one.

It is painfully obvious that you have had some kind of contact with the police department that did not go the way you wanted to and now your feelings are hurt. Take home patrol cars are good for a small town like Sheridan, maybe you just want to have a lesser chance at getting caught again at whatever illegal it is you are doing.

Your talking about the same

Your talking about the same S.O. with take home cars? I am not saying your point has no validity- but since the cars are already there parking them somewhere different won't save any money. As far as a cop at a gas station taking a coffee break- don't need to respond to that. You pretty much revealed your bias.

Do the police really need take home cars?

Why do the police employees get to take their patrol cars home with them. When they are off duty, their cars sit idle, when another police officer who is on duty, could be driving it! We would not need such a large fleet of patrol cars if the police left them at the station instead of driving them home and parking them!

city layoffs

what the hell we can afford a spray park. walking paths, dog parks, etc. now we have to lay off are city workers, who is going to pick up are trash. clean are streets, hopefully they lay off the crew at city hall maybe things would get better. where is the city going to get the money to do buyouts??? just remember as taxs payer and voters we put these people to work for us maybe we sould think about getting these people out of office and elect someone who is out for the people who put them there.

City Budget Woes

Laying off employees is not the answer to a budget problem such as Sheridan faces, but FURLOUGHS are. Furloughing ALL City Employees (excluding Fire and Dispatch because the majority of their job calls is life threatening) one day per month (w/o pay) would save the general fund budget just about 4%, or nearly $400,000 annually if the public numbers are correct. This is the fairest way to share the pain among ALL employees, even the exhalted and untouchables such as Department Heads and Police.

The Mayor and Council have the ability to declare a "financial state of emergency" and impose just about anything they wish onto the public sector employees, including public safety as long as it has a financial impact. Council could force the employee associations to pay higher deductibles for their health and welfare programs if they so chose to do so too.

Laying off employees and instituting buyouts 'costs money'. Unemployment rates are affected and general fund cash is expended for vacation buyouts and so forth. Additionally, the remaining employees have to pick up the work load which is bad for morale and will ultimately lead to poor job performance. Furloughs do not cause the same hardships as everyone layoffs do. Under a furlough, everyone takes a little less home on their check each month. That's much better for the community in general than ruining 20-30 families due to out and out layoffs. Like it or not, the City is a large employer. This is a complicated issue, but the solution I'm offering is a backbone that should be seriously considered.

money ohhh money

why is it that i can drive to work. less than 1 mile a day and see at leat 3 brand new police cruisers? this is wyoming but yet we act as though it is new york city. do we really need all this "protection?" we can build build build for the old money. but where is our youth areas? where can the youth go to be productive? there is absolutly nothing for youth to do after the lights are out. our city parks are falling apart. the court at thornrider is a joke. skate park was a good idea until it was put under the sheets outa the lights. of course theres going to be problems. kids are kids and without supervision they will act out. this is nothing new. i have not personally seen anything to make sheridan a more attractive place to anyone under 65. oh yay we have pretty lights and colored sidewalks on main street. couldn't we have spent that money elsewhere?

Seeing 3 brand new police criusers

The "brand new" police cruisers are almost, if not over a year old. They replaced aging crown vics - several of which had close to 100,000 miles and were falling apart - requiring expensive maintenance and being out of service for days at a time... not to mention that some were getting to the point of no longer being safe. Patrol shifts over lap so there is a maximum presence during peak times, including the am and pm drive times.

3 police cruisers

so your going to tell me at 2pm is a peak time for crime? broad daylight, with youth being in school and a majority of the public either working or sleeping? i have not seen a crown vic in the past 5 years. but i sure have seen chargers and suv's. we have alot of high performance cars that we need big v8's patroling the mean streets of sheridan. wasting gas aka tax payers money. last week i personally witnessed a street sweeper on brundage..still had snow onthe curb. what good does that do? waste waste waste. but yet need need need. all government is a web of secrets and lies. all the public knows is what they let us know and how they alter it to look good or look bad. make all the specualtions you want as to how you know this and that they do this and they do that. thats what they tell you they do. you dont have secret access to the files and conversation behind closed doors. but i'm not here for argument. lets do somthing produtive with our money. no one can answer what the youth is supposed to do with their free time. but if you have a polo and $$$$$ head on out to the powder horn. if your middle class get lost.

Take a pay cut!

Maybe all of our elected officials and department heads should take a 5% pay cut for the next few years. We are paying way too much in salaries for our mayor and the heads of the city departments. This is Sheridan Wyoming, not Denver Colorado!

Save the City $1.3Million

Here's an idea that can easily save the City close to $1.3 Million. Discontinue the Fire Department providing the Ambulance Service and let Rocky Mountain Contract for it just like they did for the County.

Why not take it step farther

Why not take it step farther and get rid of the fire department? Gillette is twice as big as Sheridan, yet they get by with half the number of paid fire fighters by filling in with volunteers.

In kinskeys defense,the

In kinskeys defense,the brilliant idea of combining fire and EMS was Wilsons.Wilson was nearly as worthless as kinskey,but instead of running a dictatorship,wilson allowed a select number of department heads to run the city.Bob Simmons who had held many positions within the Fire Dept.took it upon himself to get Fire and EMS consolidated into the money pit it is today.Wilson wasn't competent enough to say no.The rest is costly history.Jim Tyra on the other hand was a city Councilman and could see through it and voiced concern over the farse of consolidation.Of course Ketchum was being pimped by Tyra,because of Ketchums ties to Rocky Mountain Ambulance.Then of course we're still seeing how useless Ketchum is every city council meeting.

I'm really glad we've managed to pour millions into Wilsons walking trail.

no thanks

You must work for Rocky?!

Rjones is my hero!

This guy (you are a man?) is right on! You are a leader that we need! Keep up your poison pen! You sound like a Ron Paul disciple......... What ward are you in? You must also listen to Rush? (I like him too!)

Be Realistic!

The 1.3 million dollar shortfall for the budget is something that the entire nation is facing right know. From a personal budget thru the national budget the same situation is appearing. Mayor Kinskey has done a remarkable job in updating our infastructure. The projects that he has approved have helped with the employment in our communities. You need to look at the whole picture there is so much more than whats being focused on. Rjones do you have nothing more to do than sit on your computer writing negative comments on almost every story published. You need to take a look in the mirror, have a chnge of attitude and do something with your life, afterall "Attitude is everything...chose a good one"

Grow Up

RJones, I'd sure love to know what Kinskey did to you. I'd love to see someone sue you for your inflammatory and inaccurate drivel.

The city is now in the same state the state has been in for the last year or two. Why is the city in trouble? Not because of overspending. Because of falling revenue from sales taxes, less money for municipalities from the state and because of increased health care costs. All things which are essentially out of Kinskey's control. Or like George Bush, are we going to blame any and every problem this town has on Kinskey? Grow up.

The city is in trouble with

The city is in trouble with payroll,because kinskey has managed to inflate city employment to over 200 people and at the same time increased the pay to management positions that should have never been created to begin with.

The state is in no where near as bad of shape as sheridan is.Which is why Kinskey and now Mulholland are talking about going to the state for hand outs.The Governors remained accountable to the citizens of wyoming,kinskey has not.

The fact remains that the housing industry was crashing 4 years ago on the east and west coast and kinskey chose to continue to cater to a failing industry and hired engineers,planners etc.,to promote the wants of a select group of realtors and developers who are now long gone.

As for infrastructure,kinskey has tried his best to get his name associated with projects that were started decades previously by Mayors who have forgotten more about leadership then kinskey has ever known.

Kinskeys legacy will be a bankrupted city,millions of dollars of debt in the form of waived service fee's to his friends.Easily $15-$20 million in a worthless walking trail of which is no where's near done and several parks that the city has no money to maintain.If that's what you call kinskeys success,I'd hate to see what failure in your book looks like.


The State is not in bad shape really? Hundreds of open positions within the state were not filled and basically eliminated. Many departments have hiring freezes. There was recently a bill in the legislature to pay off employees.

Every department has already had to enact 10% budget cuts. Many essential services have been cut and things are going to get worse.

The state is in worse shape then you think. I'm not at all surprised that the city is now in the same boat.

The state isn't in as bad of

The state isn't in as bad of shape as kinskey has taken the city of sheridan to.Which is why the governor isn't parting with rainy day funds.

The state isn't in as bad of

The state isn't in as bad of shape as kinskey has taken the city of sheridan to.Which is why the governor isn't parting with rainy day funds.

Is this really a good time

Is this really a good time to build the spray park? For what the city is paying for the spray park they could probably pay ten employees for a year, or fix a LOT of potholes. The city government seems somewhat out of touch.

"I will not be a mayor who

"I will not be a mayor who can make payroll, but can't fix a pothole?" Have you taken a drive around town lately, Mr. Mayor?

In Kinskeys defense he can't make payroll either and the streets are still tore up.So you can decide if he let you down or not.

The decisions kinskey has

The decisions kinskey has made during his two terms of uselessness to sheridan,will take decades to over come and reverse.What's even worse,is the city council that has stood by allowed kinskey to get away with this.The city council is even more guilty then kinskey,it's their job to keep kinskey in line to avoid what is currently happening and they've failed miserably.

When you have someone like kinskey appointing directors to every position he can dream up,it's little suprise that he's $1.3 million in the hole.The secondary fall out from kinskeys incompetence stands to effect even more people.

Without the backing of his fathers fortune kinskey would be flipping burgers under any other circumstance.He certainly has zero talent as a leader.

This is what happens when

This is what happens when you have a mayor that is nothing but a mouth piece for private developers and realtors,who took it upon himself to hire city employees who's sole purpose was to work in behalf of the needs of those private developers and realtors,in a housing market,which has bankrupted in the same way that kinskey is bankrupting the city..

Mr. Mulholland was very interested in crawling to the state for a bailout,which is par for the course with him.Especially since Mulholland is already trying to use state tax dollars to fund his dream of a private business,located on property in which he approved annexation of.


Wow I actually agree with RJones for once!'ll hear no arugument from me on this one, he's got it perfect down to a T.

J. S. Luckjohn

Here's an idea! Stop giving

Here's an idea! Stop giving away so much money to Forward Sheridan, SHAC, a $400,000 sprinkler, aka spray park, and maybe not give a Police Chief with no degree, such a fat salary! Wasn't one of Mayor Kinskey's quotes something like, "I will not be a mayor who can make payroll, but can't fix a pothole?" Have you taken a drive around town lately, Mr. Mayor?

Ths is a joke!!!!!

Finally it came down to the people in the higher ups who wanted to see their paychecks rise and take away from us who have lived here all are lives....Well here ya go...You get what U pay for....I take that back...You get what WE pay for. Geeze...come on...10 years ago we were not looking at something like this...but now? Not to offend anyone but...with what has been going here for the last 10 years has impacted us all who have lived here all our the C.C. it serves you right....what goes around comes around. Sorry if I offended anyone. Didnt mean too. This jab is to the city and it's members not 2 anyone living in it.

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