City Of Sheridan Police Chief

At the end of December, current Sheridan Police Chief Mike Card will be moving back to California, and there are six semi-finalists in a candidate pool for his replacement on the force. The panel weeding out the candidates from applications originally numbering around 100 has decided to withhold the names of these six, for the time being at least. This has not made a lot of community members very happy, and it prompted this week's Bank of Sheridan - poll question: Should the City of Sheridan release the names of the candidates in the running for Sheridan Police Chief?"

While some in Sheridan seem to think that it's a good idea, others agree with the panel. And some think that the people should be able to elect the new Sheridan Police Chief, just as we do the County Sheriff.

Let us know what you think. You can vote your opinion on our home page, leave comments, and then listen to the Jackson Electric Open Line this Friday to hear the results, on NewsTalk 930 KROE.

Obviously, we are all a bunch of dopes here in Sheridan

Not one single person from Sheridan is qualified to be police chief?? Thats depressing. I guess we are all a bunch of hicks to Diamond Dave Kinskey, not smart enough to manage the department. Yet we can continue to pay the high tax rates here in town to pay for the fools who run our government!

Cheif of Police

I seem to remember a theme that was always championed by local government and the merchants to "shop Sheridan". Obviously this only applies to the local folks and apparentley not to the City of Sheridan when it comes down to selecting top key positions. Very sad really when it comes down to it. If I hear any type of inference from the City of Sheridan or "community stake holders" to support local merchants or local interests, I'll simply wonder "Did you?" I'll be sure to vote accordingly against those who don't support local "community stake holders" next time.

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