City Of Sheridan Hopes Voluntary Buyouts Will Be The Answer To Budget Shortfall

The City of Sheridan is looking for ways to close the $1.3 million budget shortfall that is due to a decline in local revenue and cuts handed down by the Wyoming Legislature. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more.

At their March 1st meeting, the Sheridan City Council learned that in order to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the City would have to cut $1.3 million in expenses. City of Sheridan Human Resources Director Heather Doke says the economic downturn has caught up with the City.

Doke indicated that a memo was sent out this past Monday to all City employees regarding voluntary buyouts.

The voluntary buyouts will be available until noon on Monday March 15th. Doke said that if the buyouts and internal transfers don't get the City where it needs to be, additional reductions will be necessary.

To read the memo in its entirety that was sent to all City employees, click on the pdf attachment below.

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City should have seen it coming

The city should have seen this coming. They have spent money on things that could have waited. They were even trying to push a splash park thru. Kinskey just got done trying to get the state to break into there reserve but the city won't start to use theirs first. They only seem to spend money on things Kinskey can say "look at what I have done" or on attourney fees. If money was such a concern why did we give 2 fire trucks, and 2 ambulances away instead of getting the trade-in value for them. On that note the city ambulance used to bring in a profit until the mayor gave half the city calls, the county, and the VA contract away. I wonder what else can be cut from this years budget so the city wouldn't have to lay personel off.

Keep the working class...

To save 1.3 million dollars off only 15 people. Each one of those 15 employee's is costing an average of 86,666.66 per person. If they cost that much let them go... No one that actually works and helps take care of our town makes that much money anyhow.

I am both amazed and

I am both amazed and entertained by reading comments from people who can't spell, have no concept of correct grammar, and are totally baffled by proper punctuation. If you are a city employee who falls into any of these categories, I'd advise latching onto the buyout offer because most taxpayers are tired of funding ignorance.


wow 8000.00 and 1/3 vaction and 1/3 sick leave what a slap in the face to all those city employees who have decated there whole life to. what are these employees going to do for a living. most of them are not at retirement age. there is no jobs in sheridan. so there goes 10 to 15 more people out of a job. then there goes there family living on the streets because they have no money coming in. this hole things just going to cause alot of problems for everyone out there. there going to start cuting hours everywhere sooner or later then there well be layoffs at other places. i guess those family's can always move some where else. hopefully they can fined work some where else. i wish the best for those who will lose there jobs becuase the city has to have all those new thing. i have lived in sheridan all my live and never need a spray park before and i still don't think i need one now. its just like the dog park and walking paths. lets start charge people to use these maybe we can make a little money.

This whole thing is nothing

This whole thing is nothing but typical kinskey rhetoric.

If you'll recall,kinskey made everyone sign an At Will Contract and handbook.Which is nothing but a Termination Without Cause agreement.If you were paying attention to the March 1st city council meeting,you'll recall Doke Making the comment that "In the past the city has offered buy outs.However the city may not have to statutorally offer these buy outs this time around".What she was speaking of,is the AT WILL CONTRACT Kinskey forced down the employees throat.

On the other hand,Kinskey and Bigelow had no problem hiring an unqualified gillette resident to call himself police chief for $107k a year.

One can only hope that the majority of the city employees losing their jobs,were responsible for electing kinskey to a second term of uselessness.

Sarcasm Alert

Yeah, because a police chief from a city almost twice the size of Sheridan with a positive and proven track record is not qualified to be Sheridan's chief. *rolling eyes*

The easiest way to get the

The easiest way to get the budget balanced,is to get rid of Kinksey.Kinskeys the one that got the city into this mess.

As long as we get a nice,

As long as we get a nice, new splash park, that's all I care about! Wow, what a deal! 1 week per year of service up to 8 years! Could the city be any more generous! If the city would practice more responsible spending; no employees would have to lose their jobs. It's all about priorities..oh yah, and "who you know".

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