City of Sheridan Holds Curbside Recycling Open House

Approximately 250 Sheridan residents in the Sparrow Hawk and Mountain View Estates neighborhoods will soon have the opportunity to participate in a pilot curbside recycling program. Last night, an informational meeting was held for the potential participants at the old Highland Park School. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the details.

They say one man's trash is another's treasure--in this case, that is literally true. A significant difference about this curbside recycling program is that the pop cans and Cheerios boxes destined for recycling, will be bundled, shipped off and sold to an outside company that will sort the materials. Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Manager for the City of Sheridan, explains:

This pilot program is slated to begin the end of May and will last through January of 2011. During this period, Charles says they will analyze a variety of numbers to see if this pilot could become permanent and city wide:

This pilot program is primarily funded through a 31-thousand dollar EPA grant but also includes about 16-thousand in local matching funds.

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Please don't forget county residents who do use the collection bins around the city. So please don't take all of those go away if the city does curbside throughout the city.

Part of the purpose for this

Part of the purpose for this pilot program is to do a cost analysis. I think before we make judgments we should get a better understanding about the costs of the program, etc. A comment was made that we should redesign our recycling center and use a local workforce to run it. It is reasonable that people are concerned about local employment, but also think some factors are being overlooked in this assertion. I don't have any exact figures, but expect the costs of redesigning our plant would be too high for a market of our size. Also, we should remember that we are selling these materials--they give us money, not the other way around. It is good that people raise these questions but we should be cautious about prematurely assuming we have the answers.


I'm gonna guess a new landfill is going to cost about $150 million and will only last about 50 years. And that is a low estimate. Why are people against this program? I don't understand it.

Every bit of trash that doesn't go into that landfill saves our landfill and saves us money by extending the life of that landfill. Jobs can be created by picking up and sorting said recycling items. I'm just guessing that our recycling center is not equipped to process the recyclables into new products - it is a clearing center only. But honestly I don't know anything about our center.

If you are going to be critical about $47,000 grant money you should educate yourself about the long term cost of NOT recycling.


1) I said nothing of another landfill now did I? I stated that the money would be better off in use of redsigning our current recycling center and putting OUR people to work. And as for the funds lasting 8 months....fine and dandy...but then who pays should this thing become permanent? That was my point and you made it for me beautifully, Thank you!

J. S. Luckjohn

Here we go again...

Once again the city pays no attention to what the citizens want and goes on it's own merry way doing as it pleases. Why do they do the polls if they don't care to take our opinions in consideration! Sure they say that the funds are coming from else where now, but if this thing becomes permanent who pays for it then. What's the consequence to be if we don't desire to follow the new idea should it become permanent. He says straight out that they have workers going on this thing every day...OMG that means that someone actually has a job in this town that they don't need to worry about getting laid off from or have their hours cut...with city pay no less...oh, God forbid! We wouldn't want job stability in Sheridan, Wyoming now would we. As far as them shipping it elsewhere...why? That's only more money out of our pockets. We have a recycling center here, why not use it for what it was designed for? Put OUR people to work. If it's not up to code, or not exactly what is called for as far as services...then I say we put our taxes toward that instead of paying for someone else out of state's income. And for those who think I'm wrong...let me ask you 1 question....just how long do you think $47,000 in government funds is going to last??? Be honest people, this idea stinks more than the trash they're recycling!

J. S. Luckjohn

The $47,000 will last eight

The $47,000 will last eight months--the duration of the pilot program. How much do you think new landfills cost?

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