City of Sheridan Expects Health Insurance Increase

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City of Sheridan Human Resources Director Heather Doke
City of Sheridan Human Resources Director Heather Doke

Health Insurance premiums are expected to increase for the City of Sheridan as the paid loss ratio continues to climb higher than the desired 85%. City Human Relations Director Heather Doke.

The fact that the paid loss ratio is almost 91% at this point in the fiscal year means that an impending increase is looming.

Doke said that the increase in health insurance premiums is typical, as it's something that most municipalities are experiencing across the country. Doke also stated that they will most likely know what the increase will be from their insurance carrier in March of 2011.

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She is being politcally correct by not using the real reason all of our healthcare premiums are going up. We are paying for everybody else's premiums also!!! Welcome to socialism.

I'm not defending the

I'm not defending the bloated health care bill we ended up with. But weren't we paying for these people anyway before health care "reform" when they got care, didn't have insurance, and didn't pay? I don't think costs will ever go down until people pay for a good amount of care in cash, and insurance pays for only catastrophic things like cancer. Lasik eye surgery started out very expensive but because insurance doesn't cover it the costs have dropped a great deal (people shop around when they pay). I'd be willing to bet that 90% of health needs in this country could be better served by health fairs and pay in cash walk in clinics. This won't happen because both the insurance and health care lobbies are just too powerful.

thank you

Obmamacare in action.

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