City Of Sheridan Announces Layoffs, We've Got An Update On The Departments Affected

The City of Sheridan has announced that they have had to lay off 8 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees and have reduced the hours of an additional two other employees. The layoffs are a direct result of the $1.3 million budget shortfall that the City has incurred.

In a memo issued to all employees, the City stated that those laid off will be eligible for the package of severance pay and insurance that was announced last week; they will also be eligible for a 65% Federal COBRA subsidy for up to 15 months, as well as Unemployment Compensation. It was also noted that the Human Resources Department will provide job search assistance for those desiring it.

The memo went on to say that the City believes this reduction, both in terms of voluntary reductions and in layoffs, will ultimately ensure that the City will be financially capable of continuing operations without the need for further layoffs.

The City has released further information on the departments that have been affected. We have provided a department-by-department breakdown for you on our website

Here are the departments that were affected

How to cut 1.3m?? Hire a

How to cut 1.3m?? Hire a local chief from the dept. and pay him 10% more than he was already making. That would save 175k (wages and benefits) a year if the city would not back fill for the promotion. Whats the city budget, about 26m?? About half that is wages and benefits, and half that it simply wages. Thats 7.5m in wages. To shave off wages, cut the working month by 10 hours (and then the employee does not lose permanent pay, furloughs would be cancelled in the following solvent years).
By cutting paid work time by 10 hours a month for each employee, you save 500k.
In two minutes I came up with $675,000 in savings that does hurt the employee slightly, but it hurts them all the same (and they get another day to spend with the family). The remaining 650k could be trimmed in operations and everybody is happy. The employees split the loss with the citizens.
Or we could just fire the people that have lived here, worked here, raised families here, have families here, etc. And take the money we saved by firing them and hire a chief of police from out of town. One that MAKES MORE MONEY than what Gillette and Cheyenne pay their chief. That makes a lot of sense.

I like this.

I like the way you have thought this through and presented your ideas.

$1.3 million budget

$1.3 million budget shortfall doesn't quite add up to ten salarys unless they are all making as much as the new police chief.

If they would have forgone

If they would have forgone hiring Gillette's former police chief for over $107,000 per year they could have saved at least a couple of those people from being laid off.

Oh please.

Oh really? Please explain that. Let me guess, you are in human resources? How would have hiring a chief for $20,000 or $30,000 less saved multiple positions within the city.

It doesn't take anything

It doesn't take anything other than simple math to figure out that if you save $30,000 to $40,000 on one position, then you could afford to have saved one or two peoples jobs. And no I'm not employed by the city or in human resources. I am however, a tax paying citizen that is educated and knows that if the city didn't boost the pay of the Police chief, one or more jobs could have been saved.

could save one

they could save one position by hiring the new chief for 60K a year, which is still a pretty good wage around here. Most people in this area make a lot less than that. Aside from that they could probably have kept all of the positions by asking every city employee to take 10 days unpaid leave a year...

completely understand

I completely understand laying off 8 people rather than not building a spray park. I mean, come on people, Sheridan needs a spray park and it also needs a spiffier N. Main St. These things are important to some people. I don't know who those people are though.

The City of Sheridan could save quite a bit of money by eliminating the office of City Police Chief and just having the city police fall under the direction of the Sheriff and his office. Wow, what a concept. All small towns should be practicing this.

Also, is the mayor taking a pay cut?


As usual most folks on here are misinformed - if you had paid attention, there is not going to be a spray park this year

It was only after it was

It was only after it was pointed out to the city administration in these forums how wasteful spending money on a luxury item like the spray park is during a time of lay offs that they decided to shelve the idea.

forums are great

I think these forums are great, and I suspect a lot of people in office check them out on occasion....


What most likely did it was not these forums but the article in the Sheridan Press, plus before that Kim on Public Pulse. Not enough people browse these comments to really sway a decision like that but the mayor sure caught a lot of heat from the Public Pulse episode and resulting Sheridan Press article that had the big headlines about the layoffs and right under it about the spray park.


I know of one of the people laid off who is an entry level position, who's salary is just a drop in a bucket, we're all 8 just entry level positions? I can't imagine her salary would make much of a dent in the over all picture. If so maybe they need to look at some of the many managers.

old saying

I hope they remember the old saying, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians...."! Too much upper management and not enough working people is a recipe for disaster.

Welcome to the real world..

I feel for anybody that has lost their job, but this is the world we live in right now. It's not a right to work for the city and when changes have to be made this is how it's done in today's day and age. It's happening all over corporate america, so why does everybody think it would be different here.

Don't Understand

I understand the concept of letting people go for reasons such as not performing their duties up to par. I don't understand the concept of letting people go who work hard and are dedicated to their job. Were just random people picked or did they research the person's work ethics. There is a lot that I am curious about. During this time of economic despair, we are letting people go and most will have no where to go due to the job market. I think there should have been a few paycuts across the board, get rid of a lot of the non-necessities, save on gas by doing more foot patrols and bike patrols. Raise the fines for Traffic Violations. There is much much more that can be done in order to save people's jobs.


It was all random. What is wrong is that there are people that left other jobs to work for the city. Oh well, the people that made the decisions still have jobs and that is all that matters. I wouldn't want them to lose their job and have to let someone else take over. Then it might get run properly and that is all sheridan needs, god forbid...

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