The City Of Sheridan And Curb Side Recycling

"Should the City of Sheridan adopt curb side recycling." That is this week's Bank of poll question. Most in Sheridan think that it is a positive direction to take. Some even think this is long overdue.

Let us know what you think. Cast your vote on our homepage, and feel free to leave comments. Then listen to the Jackson Electric Open Line during the Public Pulse hour on Friday morning at NewsTalk 930 KROE.

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recycling for the next generation

it needs to get the county residents involved: dayton, ranchester, clearmont, and the three other private haulers, and of course the individuals of sheridan county utilize the city landfill its going to be hard to retrain old dogs to recycle but the younger generation will be the hope of recycling.

It should be free to have

It should be free to have curbside recycling but cost an arm and a leg to have regular garbage picked up. Like $2-5 a bag expensive. But you can recycle as much as you want for free.

Do it Sheridan! Curbside recycling would be AWESOME!!!!


If it is free curbside pickup, then great. If not, no way. I recycle on my own now but would be opposed to paying an extra fee for it. The past two towns I have lived in have tried this, but spread the cost out to home owners (paying for the trucks along curbsides, employees, etc) and it was expensive. It cost more to recycle than it did to drive a few blocks to one of our many free sites!

Advice- just read the fine print. Don't sign on to support this unless you know for sure the fees aren't going to be divided among local home owners.

RE: Recycling

This is a wonderful idea! It would save folks a trip to the parks and parking lots for the recycling recepticals. Definitely do it!

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