City Planning Commission Considers Bridgecreek Preliminary Plat and PUD

The City of Sheridan approved the conceptual planned unit development and preliminary plat for the Bridgecreek major subdivision, which will be located just north of Smith Street and west of Jefferson Street. City Planning Director Robert Briggs explains what the project consists of.

Commissioner Robert Tilden raised concern over the amount of green space in the area not meeting the 20% City requirement. Briggs says that the Commission took a lot of things into consideration regarding the lower percentage of green space.

Another issue that was raised about the project is that access to many of the dwellings would be from alleyways. Commissioner Monte Webb added that the alleyways be named in the final plat to address the problem that emergency services may have in locating the area during a call. Owner and Developer Paul Del Rossi stated that the alleyways and green space variance will be included on the final plat when it comes before the Commission at a later date.

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14 houses in such a small area????

why does the city continue to allow developers to jam as many houses into such small areas?? how about putting some space between the homes, if one was to catch fire the whole block could burn. You could also run from rooftop to rooftop when houses are jammed in. Make the homes have 2 car garages and a yard. As you know these homes will probably be bought by people with kids.
Maybe it's time to start thinking about the people that are going to be living here, not the developer trying maximize profits and plus it's just an eyesore with so many houses in such a small area.

Worthy of further mention

This so called developer Del Rossi.He only owns lot 12.

The remaining 13 lots are actually owned by Whitney Benefits.Whitney is simply using Del Rossi as a front.

With Whitney being the real developer here,you can plan on having this development shoved down the publics throat wether they want it or not.

Pretty sad when one of Sheridans Illustrious
"Nonprofits" have to hide behind someone else's because they know full well that development like this isn't needed.

Architectural Review Committee needed

I think the City of Sheridan would benefit from the creation of an Archtectural Review Committee or a Design Review Board (both volunteer) for things like this. Developer and private construction projects, both commercial and private, could be evaluated by such a committee early on in the design phase under a similar set of standards as to those that the Planning Commission utilizes in the approval process. This would save both time and money on projects as early archtectural and design approvals could be debated, modified and/or changed prior to hiring archtects for final plans. Projects would not be allowed to move past the design phase if they don't meet city building standards and codes. Also, if a variance was to be requested, this would be introduced well into the design phase which would give the Council an early "heads up" as to what's coming up the pike.

Just a thought!

Architectural Review Committee

FYI - there already is a Design Review Committee and it is volunteer -

FYI - there already is a

FYI - there already is a Design Review Committee and it is volunteer -

Yes,there is and it's about as useless as the rest of city goverment.All volunteer committees are,is a an entity that has no responsibility to the people and is exempt from public vote and removal.

All this is,is another of the mayors affordable housing games,where he hands out fee waivers to increase the amount og money flowing into the developers pocket and out of the cities pocket.

With only $70k worth of fee waiver money left in the cities two bank accounts.This whole thing should be real interesting to watch. I'm sure Kinskey will use new coal mines as an excuse for needing this housing.

So, if there are no jobs and

So, if there are no jobs and businesses are not hiring, then why do we need more housing? When people were living in hotels, this would have been another story, but now? Also, affordable housing needs to be determined by those that are going to pay the mortagage, not some overpaid person who thinks $250,000 or more is affordable. No jobs, no people, less housing needed. Simple.

It would appear that being a

It would appear that being a board member of Forward Sheridan has its benefits.

Del Rossi was also involved in York Place,which is currently in foreclosure.Of course you had the city giving York Place $100k in fee waivers,all made possible through optional %1 sales tax that belongs to the taxpayer.

In the end you have a developer that's already been in one fiasco called York Place that was pawned off as "Afordable Housing" and yet is in foreclosure,mean while the city is allowing the same developer to enter into another "affordable housing" joke that doesn't even meet green space requirements.

So how much is this latest abortion going to cost the taxpayer of sheridan?

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