City Hires New Utilities Director

The City of Sheridan announced that it’s new Utilities Director will begin work in just over a week. Dan Miller was hired to replace former Utilities Director Mike Cole who resigned earlier this year. City Public Works Director Nic Bateson says it was an extensive hiring process.

There have been some concerns raised that the water district where Miller was previously employed, is heavily in debt. Miller spent 18 years with that water district in central Iowa. Bateson says they were fully aware of the water district’s status when interviewing Miller.

Bateson says Miller is the right man for the job and his experience with regional water systems will benefit the City in it’s role with the Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board.

Miller’s first day on the job will be Monday, October 26th.

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Good Luck

I came across this article after reading about this in the Des Moines Register. I'm from Central Iowa and have been following the stories about Xenia. The Sheridan Press has an article stating that Miller said he went on leave from Xenia for medical reasons, the local press here has been reporting that he was put on leave by the board of directors (which I wholeheartedly believe having seen and heard other facts regarding the debt). I hope that if I ever help run a company into the ground I can find some lovely little town to take me in. And all I'll need to say is Miller's magic phrase, "My position wasn't recession proof."

To address the comment from Reality Check though, in all fairness, he didn't spend 18 years going $140 million in debt. That was the last 3 years. And I believe it all came from one large expansion project. I was told (by someone who helped the team that audited/investigated the problem) that Xenia began an expansion project into a new area without having the customers for it. From what I had been told it sounded like Xenia was required (by whom I don't know, finance agreements perhaps) to have a certain percentage of potential customers in the area agree to service before any construction began. They had nowhere near what was required. It wasn't a simple overestimation of the market, but a misrepresentation of customer demand.

I'll close by saying, good luck Sheridan. And if you need any more help there may be a few more Xenia employees looking for jobs in the future. I'm sure Central Iowans won't miss them.

This guy has spent 18 years

This guy has spent 18 years getting the county he came from $140 million dollars in debt,yet kinskey wants to hire him.There's only one reason for that.This guy is a yes man and will do whatever kinskey tells him to.

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