City Denies YMCA Request For Repair Funds

City Denies YMCA Request For Repair Funds

The Buffalo City Council, at their last regular meeting, denied a request for funding from representatives of the Johnson County Family YMCA to make repairs on the city-owned building they are housed in.

YMCA Interim Executive Director Gillian Heiser, and Facilities Director Kurt Heiser, both spoke to the council concerning a boiler in the building that they say is only a matter of time before it breaks down, and they were looking to the city for help in replacing it before that happens.

Heiser said they were trying to avoid waiting for the boiler to completely break down, which would mean the facility would likely have to shut down until the repairs could be made.
The pre-engineering estimate for repairs was at $63,500 but would be more accurate after a $6,000 engineer's design was completed.

Mayor Mike Johnson asked why the YMCA waited to bring the issue up until now before asking for funding, instead of during the budgeting process earlier this spring.
He explained that the city has already approved their budget for the year and they only have $30,000 budgeted in their entire Facilities Maintenance budget line, which will not cover the estimated cost of the new boiler.

The council asked Heiser to try to nurse the boiler along until next year and apply for one-percent funding and to the city to cover the cost of the necessary repairs.

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