City Council Receives Update On Kendrick Golf Course At Work Session

The Sheridan City Council held a work session Monday to go over the results of the recently completed satisfaction survey regarding Kendrick Municipal Golf Course. Of the 500 surveys that were mailed out to golf association and non-golf association members, 156 were completed and returned. The majority of the feedback was positive; however, Kendrick Golf Pro Brian James says they will continue to address the not so positive as well.

MIG Consultants conducted an operations study on the golf course and are recommending a fee raise for the upcoming season and beyond.

The City Council will consider the increase in fees at their next regular meeting on Monday March 15th.

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Let's see those surveys!

I ask the City Council to publish all 156 completed surveys. I can guaranty you that they are "not" for the most part positive as stated by "I'm only here to collect my paycheck" Brian James. As tax payers and as members of the Kendrick Golf Course we should all demand to see the surveys.

Kendrick $$$ Pit!

The course is OK, the people are OK, but try to find Brian and it's like finding a needle in a haystack!

In all fairness,Mr. James is

In all fairness,Mr. James is only being paid $289K a year from the city.Of course he gets to keep and pocket all the money made off of the bar and grill,the pro shop and the lessons he charges for.In return he pays the city a staggering yearly lease of $1500.00

Sad part is the city derives $200k of the $289k paid to james from the general fund.That's right $200k from a fund that is currently in debt for $1.3 million dollars and they're getting rid of peoples jobs so they can fund a golf course.

Of course the city also has a $3 million dollar loan out to rebuild the sprinkler system that the tax payer gets to pick the tab up on yearly to the tune of 10%.So don't worry your grand kids will be paying on this debt that kinskey created for all of us.

Granted when kinskey took office the golf course had two city employees running it making a combined salary of around $65k a year.

The golf course is a feel good project promoted by kinskey to keep his buddies happy.Membership has it's values and benefits also,Members get a bunch of free hand outs also.Well not free,you the tax payer gets to pick up the tab for kinskeys duffer buddies so they can pretend to be Tiger and Jack.

The course is a money pit and it's finally caught up with kinskey and his buddies.

Another example

This is just another example of the masses paying for the entertainment of a few. The golf course should be run as a SELF-SUSTAINIG business. How can they justify paying this guy over a quarter of a million dollars yet only charge him a paltry $1500 for the lease? Not to worry though, good buddy Paul Fall can increase property taxes to pay part of this.

Kendrick golf course

Kendrick golf course provides a great service to our community. I'm pleased Sheridan has a nice municipal course to play. If fees are raised a little it will still be a one of the best entertainment values for people and families in the county. As for Brian James I've found him to be a great asset for the course and community.
"Tee it high and let it fly"

Lets not forget the millions

Lets not forget the millions of dollars worth of debt that the taxpayer gets to pay for in the form of a bank loan,that the city took out to improve the irrigation system at the golf course.Now they hope to pay for this with increased greens fees.

Mr. James takes in three healthy money installments yearly from the tax payers also.Mean while Kinskeys 1.3 million short on payroll.

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