City Council Nominates New Police Chief At Special Meeting

Sheridan City Council held a special meeting Wednesday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the details.

After a 30 minute executive session, Council reconvened back into regular session to announce that they had hired Richard Adriaens to serve as Chief of the Sheridan Police Department. Adriaens has been the Chief of the Gillette Police Department since 2005 and has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement. Adriaens comments on what he brings to the Sheridan community.

Councilman John Bigelow served on the Selection Committee that was responsible for reviewing the applicants for the position. Bigelow says that when Adriaens expressed interest, they knew they had their guy.

Bigelow said that the City was still receiving applications this week, and that over 90 applicants applied for the position of Police Chief. Adriaens first official day on the job will be March 15th and he will make $107,653.84 annually.

Police Chief hiring process

The Mayor and his hiring committee have obviously completely ignored the documented hiring process. To me it is very easy to see that Mayor Kinskey is looking for a particular individual to fill the Police Chief position here in Sheridan. I also feel that the most recent article in the Sheridan Press about city council member Heath defending the committees “process” about hiring the new chief. The hiring process that the city decided to discard is documented information in the Sheridan Press. It is no wonder that 4 of the 6 in the first round withdrew their applications after becoming finalist. Apparently any old “process” is good enough for the City of Sheridan. Let’s remember that Mr. Adriaens was not an applicant for either unsuccessful round of applications, he was a member of the hiring committee. This position was obviously filled by backdoor meetings and unethical activity of the Mayor. With the help of a $10K raise for the position, extra paid vacation time, and who knows what other undisclosed incentives persuaded Mr. Adriaens to take the job. It doesn’t make a lot of sense why Mr. Adriaens would want to come to Sheridan for only a little more than a $1k increase in pay. Especially since in Gillette he had twice the staff, and twice the budget. I am also suprised to see the Sheridan Press headline Mr. Heath’s article where he tries to justify the method of how Mr. Adriaens was hired when it hasn’t been public information long enough for there to be any public outcry. This whole drama could be a new soap opera on daytime TV. Unfortunately it’s about par for the city of Sheridan.

Vote them out of office!

What a mockery of the City's announced hiring procedure! The Mayor and every member of the City Council deserve to be removed from public office the next time they come up for re-election.

call it what it is

This is so painfully obvious what is going on. Consider The Gillette Chief was on the board to pick a new Sheridan Chief, co-chaired by the unelected councilman- little bigelow (also from Gillette). City Council and Mayor "claim" they will look at internal candidates but none make it for a real interview. Mayor, HR and Council all hang their hats on the fact there are applicants with more education than the internal candidates. Remember little bigelow saying, "we're not talking some associates here- some of the applicants have MASTERS" While it was obvious they were choosing to shut out local (PD and others) applicants at least they made up a reason.

So then the six finalist remove themselves from consideration (hmmmm... weird). The City again spends more money to advertise the position and again claims they are going to consider local candidates. Before any finalists are considered, any interviews are done, any public input is asked for- under the dark of night the City appoints a guy from Gillette with not even a bachelors that was on the selection process. This poor guy may be a good chief- but he has certainly been set up to fail. Does one think current Officers will be able to respect anyone put in charge of them under such obvious disrespect, lack of morality and all around shadiness? Does one think the members of the community will want to "reach out their hand" to this guy when they mayor has used him to give the middle finger to them?

And what is his motivation? Why leave Gillette for Sheridan. In the big picture two cities about the same size only an hour and a half away. What would motivate someone to move their family like that? Questions that should be asked? Sure he'll be working for a smaller city, smaller dept. with smaller budget and getting paid more- but there must be other reasons????

So lets call it what it is. Kinskey is letting personal emotions rule the day. He got pulled over and asked if he was drunk- he wasn't so that was that. But no, he had to spend 100's of 1000's of tax dollars on attorney fee's to harass three policemen- costing one his job and ending in a week off or something for the others I think- not sure if official details were ever released (but I don't think they were ever proved to have done anything wrong)....hmmmmm weird.

Now Kinskey is apparently still sore about the thing and is using this as away to stick it to the Officers. Thanks Dave- but please stop wasting countless thousands of our dollars on this.

Now- would HR, Mayor, Councilman- somebody please tell the public what part of the job the internal candidates were not qualified to do? I'd be curious if the candidates themselves ever were given a reason why they weren't considered- now the "education angle" can't be used as most of the internal candidates have equal or greater experience and higher education. I'd love to see Sheridan Media or Sheridan Press put the local candidates qualifications side by side with the Gillette guy.

$108,000 per year?

It's my recollection that when Card was hired the chief's pay was $70,000 a year and Kinskey was so nice as to give him raises to his ending salary of $105,000 a year. I then remember reading that the salary range for this new Chief position was to be from $70,000 to $105,000. What about this guy from Michigan makes him worthy of paying above and beyond the planned salary range? His resume isn't that impressive, he doesn't have any Quantico training that Kinskey touted as being so impressive.
At a time when we are seeing neighbors names in the foreclosure listings every day and so many are struggling just to pay their property taxes your hard working dedicated mayor has just signed you and your neighbors up to pay even more. I suggest you call the mayor and councilmen to thank them for our ever growing city government.
I'ld also like to point out that during Scott Chandlers time as interim chief, as was the last time he was interim chief, the city managed to survive just fine. He must know something about how to do the job.

Isn't it Ironic, don't you think?

I agree the process to elect the Police Chief was terrible. It was mishandled from the very beginning. The biggest point you are all missing however, is the fact Kinskey is in an ELECTED position, as are the Council members. Instead of sitting around complaining about all their decisions, maybe next time you should make more of an effort to get someone else elected. Didn't Kinskey narrowly beat Glen Wright, a former police officer? Surely you see the irony in that!

Stop the whinning

Well, there doesn't appear to be that many people up in arms over the selection of the new police chief. From your comments, it sounds as though those of you who hate the hiring either distrust Kinskey or are cops who are irked. You are all so emotional that nothing the mayor can ever do will be right and you have lost all objectivity.

For the record, I'm not a fan of Kinskey, but I like this hire. I have family and friends in Gillette and hear nothing but good things about this new chief. For the record, I'm not thrilled with the way the hiring process was done either.

But look, there is no conspiracy here. Our city apparently got to know Adriaens and conversations started after the city posted the position for the 2nd time. I suppose the city could have put on a big dog and pony show with six finalists to make everyone happy and waste more time and money. I'm glad they did not.

Although it is disappointing that no one from the Sheridan P.D. was a finalist, you guys just need to deal with. Card was a tool. We understand why you didn't like the man. You have reason to worry who the mayor might bring in from the outside. As far as I'm concerned the mayor has the right to bring in whomever he wants. To get the public involved and make it a popularity contest isn't wise. The fact that the City Council all signed off on this hire only reinforces how good of a hire this was. We vote these guys into office to make these decisions.

Yes, there are a few qualified guys at the police department here. But whether you want to admit it or not, Adriaens appears to be MORE qualified than any of our guys. He's been a chief and has a track record that can be scrutinized.

Oh and by the way, you don't have to be in legal trouble or a friend of the mayor to not support the police department on this issue. Grow up and get off your high horses.

Are you sure?

Are you REALLY sure there was no conspiracy here? How do you know? Our mayor and council talked about getting the public involved in the hiring process, and talked about what they wanted in a new chief (college degrees and experience). Don't sit there and tell us there was no conspiracy when they hire a guy that was on the selection board and interview board in the first go around. Second, OPEN YOUR EYES! If you watched the appointment on channel 15 last wednesday you would have heard bigelow say that he had know Adriens since he was hired in 2005 and KNOWS he is a good canadate. Also, if you read the paper last week (cant remember what day) Brantz said that bigelow brought the idea to them (coucil), saying, here is the guy we need to hire.

It is quite possible cops are leaving messages on this board. I would imagine that you would be upset if you were in their shoes. Its time people wake up and see kinskey for what he really is. A wolf is sheeps clothing!

Sorry Sheridan but you just

Sorry Sheridan but you just got screwed. As posted earlier it isn't just the police department that is happy to see Adriens gone but the Sheriffs department, mayor and city council is as well. I feel very sorry for you all in Sheridan. If you would read any of his statements it is always "I" he never tried to work as a team or even gave any of his fellow employees credit for anything. You can't run a department by "I" and he thinks he can. I also hope you can look at his resume because it isn't impressive at all. He trained dogs for most of his career.

Not a yes man

He has angered the mayor and city council in Gillette? Oh well, I guess we can now forget about the comments that he is a "yes man"! Right?


Personally, I would rather have someone in this position that is not from within this state or department. How often do you guys really read this stuff on sheridan media or on the news...or even look at the online police reports?

Don't get me wrong, the police and sheriff's do their jobs and should be well respected here. BUT, they are set in their ways. I come from a larger city where police are always patrolling 24/7. They are deterring crimes, and are arresting when necessary by using their best judgement calls. I rarely see active patrolling here, and just by reading the reports online, there are stops that show cause for arrest but aren't. And here is the reason why...

Several months ago, three juveniles had broken into a business in the middle of the night... they were cited for malicious destruction and released... WTF?! that is BURGLARY! Why did the officer not arrest them? Because city/county funds doesn't allow a juvenile detention facility here? They have to drive how many hours just to book in the juveniles??? It would be more cost effiecient for SCDC to establish one of their cell blocks for juveniles.

Even more so, most of the reports online for pd show "VIN Inspection" or "Animal" related violations... OUr Police Officers, or any police department for that matter, are not Glorified Animal Control Officers. That is why you have the CSOs. Otherwise, develop a city department (or private contract) to handle animal violations.

I personally hope that the new Chief of Police takes his position into high regard and use his experience to teach the officers out here (and vice versa). Especially more, I would prefer that SPD and SCSO will be able to work together now, rather than bumping heads.

Allow the Police Officers to do their jobs, the way they were trained. And tell the counsil to stop limiting the city and county funds so they can perform their respective duties the way they should be done.

Our new chief

While I have always been a Kinskey supporter, I was truthfully caught off guard (like others) regarding the recent police chief selection. On the surface it certainly doesn't smell right. However, in light of all the comment fallout that is currently happening an will continue on for quite some time, let's look at the facts.
1) At least another $20K was not wasted on a second search.
2) Let's hope the new chief does not bring the "Gillette" arrogance with him.
3) The Sheridan Press is hell-bent on attacking the city lately these days. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but is it common practice for the local newspaper be the "sue-happy" leader. My goodness, we are all in this together!!!
4) It's time for the Mayor Kinskey haters to get over it. Using him as your scapegoat for everything that is wrong just re-inforces your own mentality...short-sited!!
5) While I'm personally not happy with the choice, let's take the high road for a change and give this a fighting chance to be successful rather than beating it down.
6) Lastly, on a more personal note: For the one who posted "Camel Pride"------geez, get over yourself. We know our neighbors to the east are all about matter what it takes. This is the arrogance that our beautiful community loathes and WILL NOT BUY INTO!! As stated earlier,the "high road" my friend---class win trump money every time. Best of luck to the new police are a smart man.

Just a thought to ponder...

I think most of Sheridan's population should consider this a slap in their faces. Not only does Kinskey have a record of hiring from out-of-town applicants over qualified local candidates (not just the Police Chief) but shows a blatant disregard for the public's opinion that local candidates at least be given a fair chance during the hiring process. Doesn't it make one wonder what his opinion is of Sheridan's fine people as a whole?

If I remember right, when he was up for re-election he stated something to the effect that he admitted he'd made some mistakes during his first term in office and had learned from those mistakes. And that one thing he promised was to communicate more with the people of Sheridan. It appears he didn't learn anything and will communicate with the people of Sheridan only by hiding in the cloak of the City of Sheridan's lawyer.

City council

I don't live in Sheridan but since we are filling these positions with out of town candidates, maybe we should fill the council positions with out of towners, maybe all from California, and further the demise of Wyoming and it's way of life.

I think its called political

I think its called political bantering... They all do it due to the fact that after they are elected there is no recourse. He did get elected so one has to think that the majority are behind him even if it was by a narrow margin.

Happy President's Day

Enjoy your 3-day weekend, Mayor Dave....your most recent behind-closed-door antics and the community backlash will likely give you plenty of reason to drink.....perhaps this time around, you'll have the common intelligence to do it AT HOME...but then again with your obvious friends on the City Council, it wouldn't matter anyway, I don't imagine.

Oh brother

oh my gawd ! Maryland got three feet of snow! It's Kinskey's fault! Snow plows in D.C. broke down from all the snow! It's Kinskey's fault! A month ago there was an earthquake in Haiti! It's Kinskey's fault! Nooo -- it's the fault of one of his buddies! I've got a hangnail! It's Kinskey's fault! My windows are dirty! It's Kinskey's fault! My plant died because I didn't water it! It's Kinskey's fault!


Its terribly obvious that you have never worked for this man or you would not have made your comments. I'm one of the original 80% that left city employment due to this "persons" maltreatment and disingenuous attitude toward city employees. It is no surprise to me that he carries those qualities to the public. The man makes his transparent comments to the public regarding doing better and "stakeholder" just as a ruse. Kinsky has no interest in the public or its opinions.


Wow! And here I thought he was simply undermining Sheridan's trust in the way its City government was run! Gasp! Was I narrow-minded and short-sighted.

so, are you his neighbor, a

so, are you his neighbor, a relative, or a city hall staffer?


The new chief may be capable of the job and the mayor is within his powers to appoint whomever he wishes with the consent of the council, but the manner in which this was done leaves much to be desired.

I am also concerned about the use of percentages when related to Wyoming crime rates. A 15% reduction in violent crime could simiply mean 100 crimes in one year was reduced to 85 the following. Sheridan had two murders in 2009, should we have none in 2010 is the percentage reduction of 200% accurate. Also nationwide has seen a decease in the amounts of violent crime.

Will Rogers said there are three types of lies
" lies, damn lies and statistics

Drinking and Driving

Well, from his (most recent) behind-closed-doors handling of business with the City Council and the backlash the community is clearly going to provide over the Police Chief issue, I imagine Mayor Dave has PLENTY to drink over this weekend.....hopefully THIS time, he'll have the common intelligence to do it at home!

Something shady?

Whether the new police chief is buddies with Bigelow or Kinskey cannot be proven and may be irrelevant. What is relevant and continues to be proven time and again is Mayor Kinskey's arrogant attitude that simply because he is Mayor he will do what he wants BUT make sure that his hind end is covered so that he doesn't have to answer for his total disregard towards procedure. As stated in the Sheridan Press, he asked the City's lawyer previous to calling this "special session" if this meeting could legally be called and when asked during the special session about the hiring process, he again said he would have to check with his legal counsel. First, in all my years in Sheridan, I never heard of a mayor who hid behind his "legal counsel" so much because of his actions. Is this because there is something not quite "honest" about the Kinskey? Second, why did he feel the need to make this announcement so suddenly and not give the public and the media some time to have questions ready? Please take that into consideration the next time he is up for election and not vote the bozo into office again!

I hope he does a great job.

I hope he does a great job. No one should be surprised that the first 6 candidates declined the job because of the citizens of this city. Between the press and conspiracy theorists I wouldn't want to work for the city either. It's time to stop being so rotten and give the new guy a chance. Form your opinion after he has started working, not before. If he sucks at his job, slam him then. But, I'm sure if he does a great job some of you will still not like him just because that's how you are. You would be much happier living a positive life. I believe you are miserable and want others to be just like you. Smile!

It's the shady process we don't like!

Nobody likes it when someone pulls a fast one on them and it seems that's what Kinskey has done to the residents of Sheridan again. He fought providing the public any information on the last round of hiring. On this second round of hiring it looked like things were going to on the up and up and the people were going to be kept aware of the process until two days ago when we learned of a secret meeting where someone we had never heard anything about got the job with no apparent consideration for anyone else that was interested in the job. I hope the next mayor fires this guy just on the principal of how he got hired.

New Chief

The city council needs to beware of being sued. The mayor being a non-practicing lawyer probably told the council; "there's no problem here, go ahead and just hire him." Truth be told any 1st year graduate student (that means past your bachelor's degree - oh the new guy doesn't even have that. At least Card had some formal education, he may not have performed well but at least he was shown the right way...once.) could show the Civil Liability issue within abandoning the process. Especially if there were folks who are currently employed and meet the qualifications, without the interview process they have a very good chance of award. Aside from humongous morale problems, an over bloated budget, unqualified personnel in positions that they should not be in, take home cars, 4-10 shift coverage, underpaid front line personnel (give them a decent salary and make them drive to work. I'm sure they won't mind giving up the cars for $8 - $10,00 raise in base salary and that would lower the liability exposure for the municipality, oh the first thing this chief will need to do is re-write the entire ops manual. Glad I don't work in that department - no wonder there's a morale issue. Anyway, sue the council they have no idea what they are doing. Taxpayers should protest it's very sad your money is being wasted in such trying times.

I agree with most of what

I agree with most of what you said. It is a crying shame that the local, qualified officers weren't even given an interview. I seem to recall Kinskey and Bigelow bragging up the final six candidates last time, because they all had masters degrees and/or had attended the FBI national academy. This guy has done neither. There are several officers with Bachelor's degrees at the Police Department, as noted by the Sheridan Press, but they weren't even considered. I also heard that the city is talking about layoffs, yet they can afford to hire this person for the Chief of Police at a rate of $107,000 a year? Hopefully he isn't a yes man like Card.

Interesting turn of events...

Does this recent decision from the City Council not go against any human resources policy, where if a person sits on an interview they can no longer be considered for the position in question? Least I mention ethical issues. Seems to me there is a major conflict of interest that the Gillette Chief of Police sat on the interview board, gather information, then quietly expressed his interest only after the candidates left town, but before the second round of applications were completely processed. What should have happened and would have been politically correct would have been for the Gillette Chief to have been included in the second go around, ALL perspective persons interviewed and then a decision made. But then again that would have been spending 20k more of tax payer’s money, only in the end to choose someone 100 miles down the road. I feel for Chandler whom has stepped up to the plate on a few occasions and was the acting chief, only to be crapped on by the City of Sheridan, a city which he has protected and served for a very long time. Not to forget the 2 Lieutenants, the Sergeants, and officers that put in for the position (both times) only to be over looked. This is politics at its best, not even Chicago could compare to what has transpired here in Sheridan.

I am sure the Gillette Chief may have a lot of experience, but to be quite frank; someone from within the ranks of the Sheridan Police Department should have been chosen. I trust any one our Sheridan Police Officers with my life. And the City Council of Sheridan has the audacity to deem some of the high ranking officers not fit to fill the position; shame on you City Council. These officers serve and protect you and your families. They are involved in situations you (City Council Memebrs) only dream about and watch on TV. There’s not a City Council member I would trust with my life, or with someone else’s life, yet they act like they are doing the city a favor when they make their big super top secret decision to appoint a chief. Certain City Council members are out for one thing only, themselves.

This is a sad pathetic state of affairs when elected and appointed officials use their power and authority to abuse the system and do as they wish. Oddly enough, City of Sheridan Human Resources Department probably did not see this one coming, as evidence of the comments made by human resources in recent press, and if they did see it coming; well then they out and out lied to the press and the community. If that was the case, all credibility in the hiring practices of the City of Sheridan should be questioned. If they lied about this, then what else have they lied about?? Brings to light a lot of questions as to whether or not the corruption from the top has filtered its way down the arteries of the city government to the departments they oversee. I wonder if the taxes payers should come together and demand in internal audit of the entire city government, wouldn’t we all like to know what is really happening behind closed doors. Couldn’t cost more than the 20k already allocated for the second round of interviews that will never take place.

I am sadden by the recent events and although there is nothing I can personally do to change what has happened, those that made the decisions have to look themselves in the mirror everyday and think about how they screwed the little man of the community. Least they forget the little man, the citizen, a position that demands respect. A city’s character and demeanor are defined by the so called citizen. Elected and appointed officials seem to forget that once they take office.

police chief

If government is run in the good ole boy manner in this small town, imagine what is happening in Washington DC. It seems like no one cares anymore about anything except their own power and money. I have witnessed firt hand one Kinskey antic and it appalled me, he hands out money to anyone that he thinks could benefit him, not the community. The police department drama has just been the most publicized of the actions and antics of our city fathers, but it goes much deeper. I'll be voting differently in the next election.

I don't see why everyone is

I don't see why everyone is so upset.... I mean sure he's going to be making $108,000 a year- but I mean look what has happened when Chandler has been running the department......Oh- things were running fine?????

Well at least we know we have a super educated and experienced leader because we got to see his bio as promised. Stakeholders like taxpayers, businessman and even the police officers were all involved.........oh wait- nobody (not even the police officers) knew about this till after it happened) and nobody has seen the bio.

At least the "Shop Sheridan" philosophy was followed........Oh, not at all I guess. Ain't no Sheridan residents "qualified enough" As a citizen I would just once like to know what part of the job our local candidates weren't qualified to do? Never heard that once- would love to hear the media ask council members or mayor that.

Maybe I can see why folks are upset- oh well CAMEL PRIDE!

Politics as ususal in Sheridan Wyoming!

I thought the city was going to consider applicants from within our own police department?? What happened to that? I really don't understand the mindset of these politicians here in Sheridan, they seem to be out of touch with the citizens of this community. Why did we have to bring a failure from Gillette here to Sheridan when we have very qualified people currently working for the city. Scott Chandler has the experience, he knows the city, he knows the department, he has the personality for the job..the only thing he seems to be lacking is political connections. Very sad day indeed for Sheridan.


I've lost all respect and trust in our City Council. Way to follow the selection process guys. What happened to to narrowing the field of 90+ down and giving them a chance to atleast interview? For what they are paying this new Chief, they could have kept Chandler as Chief with a raise AND hired another Officer and purchased more or better equipment.

Police Chief The City of

Police Chief The City of Sheridan, Wyoming is currently accepting applications for the position of Police Chief. Sheridan is a growing community nestled at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains (population 18,000) Sheridan offers endless recreation opportunities and a wonderful family environment. As part of the City’s executive team, the person in this position plans, organizes, directs and manages the Police Department. The Department's consists of 29 sworn officer positions, a communications center (dispatch) and a staff of 7 civilian support personnel. Qualified applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and three to five years of progressively responsible experience in a similar position. The salary range for this position is $70,749.57 ‐ $107,653.84 DOE. The City offers a comprehensive benefit package. Submit a resume in confidence to the City's Human Resources Department at 55 Grinnell Plaza, Sheridan WY 82801 or call 307‐674‐6483 for more information. For a complete job description and more information on the department, please see

FUNNY,Adriaens has no Bachelors degree.

Well there you have it...a key word

I'm sorry to throw a "black cloud" to your comment. But if you know Kinsky as I do (having worked for the man which I still am trying to put that behind me), you must look at the word "SHOULD" in the job description. Kinsky probably put the word in the sentence knowing full well he could fall back on the word "should" if things went south. Well done there Dave..another well played mumbo jumbo.

"The local police are also

"The local police are also aware of the Michigan labor pool. Chief Richard Adriaens of the Gillette police was hired in 2004 from a suburb near Detroit. Since then, he has returned and found three more fellow Michiganders to add to the town’s 48-officer roster, with another recruiting swing planned for later this year."

Who would have thought,adriaens likes to bring in help from out of state.No wonder kinskey likes him.

Chief from Gillette?

Chief from Gillette? Wonderful! or not! Gillette is one of the dirtiest cities in Wyoming. Crime and drugs run rampid. No wonder he got out. Hopefully he can change his priorities while he is here.

chief from Gillette

What is your opinion of the cleanliness of the city of gillette matter? Oh by the way drug use everywhere even in your pretty little town of SHERIDAN! I would much rather live in Gillette and be treated decent instead of hating everyone that isnt from here!

Well genius, if you go and

Well genius, if you go and look up the stats and information on Gillette you will be able to see where Gillette is ranked. I am very aware that there is drugs everywhere, I work in a treatment facility and many meth heads come from Gillette. And many come from Sheridan too. I dont hate anyone, thank you. I am a little nervous of our new Chief considering our old one was not very pro-community. We are all entitled to our own opinion and mine is that you couldnt pay me enough to live in Gillette. Crime, drugs, and its just not pretty. You can tell meth runs ramped by going to any gas station there.


The old adage of Gillette being dirty is well....old. That was about 20 or 30 years ago. Gillette has developed into a decent city. The crime and drugs are worse there. But the same stuff can and does happen here.

Gillette is very accepting of people from elsewhere. Something that Sheridan folks are slow to embrace. Heaven for bid an outsider move here. This good old boy network crap gets REALLY old doesn't it?

I am talking about the drugs

I am talking about the drugs and crime. It is worse in Gillette, records show this as of recent. That there reflects partially on the police chief there in which we are getting now and I am not happy about that. Our department has been doing an excellent job of busting drug dealers/users and I just hope our new chief finds it as important as us citizens do. I have personally found Sheridan people to be more then accepting and think that it is a warm-welcoming, beautiful, community.


You have absolutely NO clue what you are talking about. The police chief is no more responsible for crime in Gillette than the chief here is.

Gillette is nearly double the size of Sheridan now. They are completely different towns. Gillette is much younger and a lot of their population has come there from elsewhere. People in Gillette have a lot more to spend on drugs and alcohol.

The Gillette PD has had as many as four drugs dogs in the past and a team of officers specifically dedicated to attacking drugs. They use very aggressive tactics in trying to detect and arrest drug users. Sheridan hasn't been able to do that. Maybe out of a lack of need or because there aren't enough resources here.

Local law enforcement isn't as aggressive as they could be at going after people using drugs. I know that for a fact.

This is why you bring people

This is why you bring people in from the outside.. In this situation I tend to agree with getting a Police Chief from elsewhere..

Party in Gillette

I hear the law enforcement community in Gillette are having the same "Good-buy" party for Adriaens as the Sheridan law enforcement community had for Card. The process is the majoy problem and I hope the good people of Sheridan speak up! I, too, am very dissapointed in our council. I still had hope for "some" of them.

Should not surprise

Should not surprise anyone...what else have we come to expect from the city?

They managed to start card

They managed to start card out at somewhere around $62k a year and gave him something like a 42% pay increase in 4 years.Now we're going to start kinskeys new buddy out at $108k a year.


Do you have some information you would like to share with all of us that these two are "buddies"? If you are implying that Kinskey gave the job to some old friend of his, I have some land in Haiti for sale.

No,bigelow gave the job to

No,bigelow gave the job to adriaens,because bigelow spent time in gillette with adriaens on policing committees.Bigelow knew up front that adriaens would be willing to be a yes man to kinskey,which is why bigelow insisted that adriaens be on the first hiring board.Because adriaens would go along with whatever kinskey and bigelow wanted.

Wasn't Kenneth Gillespie residing in Michigan also?

Oh really?

What committees did Rich and John serve on? You know for a fact they knew each other?


Bigelow gets an aweful lot of credit. I didn't know he single handedly ran this town and can hire anyone he wants? Let's see, how many members are there are on the city council that had to approve this? What was the vote? Was it 7-0? Hmmm.

Did you read something into

Did you read something into that comment? He said "new buddy..."


How about the whole 108k per year thing?

Stop whining

Get over it we now have a chief so shut up.
don't care who the chief is, just care that we have good cops on the street which has been debatable the last several years.

You don't care who the new

You don't care who the new chief is? Really? A department is only as good as it's leader. I'm not saying the new Chief may or may not be a good leader. Only time will tell. No matter what happens, someone is going to have something bad to say about law enforcement. If you don't like them...STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.

stay out of trouble

To comment on the STAY OUT OF TROUBLE - AMEN. People who stay out of trouble generally look at law enforcement as the good guys!

the good guy's?

I don't think I'ld consider him a good guy when he's taking $108,000 plus benefits from the taxpayers every year, that's more like theft when the average income of Sheridan is less than a quarter of that.

Out of trouble

Totally agree with you two !!


You obviously don't know what the heck you are talking about!!! Let me guess, you are either in trouble a lot, recently received a traffic violation, or a friend/relative of our lovely mayor!

wake up

We'll stop complaining when the new "chief" proves himself to be for the citizens of Sheridan and not for the money or for Kinskey's pat on the back!

J. S. Luckjohn

exactly, Ill believe it when

exactly, Ill believe it when I see it.

Police Chief

I am sure the new Chief will do a great job. It looks like he has the experience and he is, at least from Wyoming. I'm not upset that he was the person chosen. I am upset how it was done. The first round found no one that was good enough so it was opened up again. It was just in Monday, February 8th Sheridan Press that it was going to take 1-2 weeks to review all 91 applications. Kinskey was quoted saying, “As a governing body, we encourage all local candidates to reapply.” It looks like no one else was even a consideration. I shouldn't be surprised how the council handled this but I am. I have lost complete faith in our council members. I wish the new Chief luck. Don't plan on following policy and procedure. You will be told to do it regardless.


Sorry to correct you, but just so everyone is aware, he is NOT from Wyoming. He has obviously been in Gillette for like the last five years. Before that, he was in Michigan.

FROM WYOMING? are you sure?

Make sure you check, this guy is NOT from wyoming, he is a transplant from Michigan. Only been in wyoming 5 years, all in Gillette as chief.

If you watched the appointment on the GOVT access chanel last night, you would have heard Bigelow say that he has know Adriens since he was first hired in Gilette. This is just another case of Kinskey hiring his friends and not following through with what he said he would do. It is really amazing to me that people re-elected this fool. You who re-elected him should be ashamed of yourself for falling for his lies.

I quit!

I quit finding good canidates when I stop lookin for good canidates........ Something smells fishy, and we ain't been fishin! Darn rightous process we got here in Sheridan.....
Wasn't this fella on the selection commitee at some point?


What a crock!!!! NONE of the locals got interviews, as stated in the City handbook! This has been in the works for a while and it doesn't surprise me a bit with the mayor we have! Just a few days ago, citizens were told that there were over 90 applicants, these would be narrowed down, their bios would be printed, then one selected. Way to go Mayor Dave! You never let us down, do you? AND that is quite a salary for a city going through majoy budget cuts!!!!!!!

as if there was any question

Great another Kinskey pal in office....pray he's not as much as a "yes" man as Card was.

J. S. Luckjohn

What a joke.Two gillette

What a joke.Two gillette residents Kinskey and Bigelow go back to gillette to find their hero police chief.

Of course the city of sheridan had to waste $18k of tax payer money the first go around,to have Adriaens on the hiring board,so that they turn that process into a total joke.Then waste more money getting another list of candidates when kinskey and his phoney council already know that they're going to appoint Adriaens.

This is awesome! I am so

This is awesome! I am so glad they did it this way!

This is awesome! I am so

This is awesome! I am so glad they did it this way!

20 years where? I thought

20 years where? I thought there would be a "biography" as stated by the council in earlier news releases.

Twenty years in

Twenty years in california,in some gated community.

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