City Council Gets Update On Voluntary Buyouts

Monday March 8th, the City of Sheridan Human Resources department sent out a letter to all city employees informing them that voluntary buyouts would be available until noon on March 15th. Human Resources Director Heather Doke updated the Council Monday night on where they are regarding the voluntary buyouts.

As far as the details of the voluntary buyouts, Doke explains.

The City offered the buyouts as part of a plan to trim $1.3 million to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Doke said that the City will continue to work on ways to come up with the shortfall.

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Look around you. The local

Look around you. The local economy is not booming. Businesses are feeling the pinch and revenues are not what they used to be. This should not be a surprise. And for heaven's sake....quit blaming Mayor Kinskey for everything. This is outdated, old, stale, and quite frankly wore out. GET A NEW EXCUSE!!!!

truth hurts

truth hurts

Kinskey is as useless as

Kinskey is as useless as they make them.He and his worthless city council have single handedly approved the misappropriations that are bankrupting sheridan.And instead of correcting the problem kinskey ignores the problem and continues to hire people like adriaens for double what they're worth.And continues to promote his own dead end agenda,rather then represent what the citizens of sheridan want.

The city is over $1.3 million in debt and all council could think about during last nights city council meeting,is how to prevent Sanfords from getting a liquor license.

You couldn't attempt to pick out a more pathetic and worthless city council then what sheridan currently has in office and the $1.3 million in debt is proof of it.

It could be a start

I don't know all the answers to solve the 1.3 million dollar shortfall but I think we should start by forcing out all of the yes men and women that are representing this town. But at the top of the list would be the corrupt mastermind himself, Kinskey. You sir are a disgrace to this town and all of its citizens. All of your followers should just follow you to the unemployment line as well. I don't know who you think you are but it must be rough for you to look in the mirror every day knowing how horrible you are at your job. There is no way I would take a buyout if I were a city employee.

"I don't know all the

"I don't know all the answers ..."
classic ... like you have a clue.

City Budget

It seems unfair to me that city employees are being expected to bare the burden of irresponsible municipal financial managment.

The city has entered into programs which it can not afford. How much was spent on the recycling bins and how were they financed? How much debt has been incurred for various projects?

It's easy to say personnel must be cut, but where was that financial conservatism when the mayor was signing loan documents obligating the city to long-term debt it can not afford?

Four years ago the police

Four years ago the police chief made $62k.Last night the city appointed a police chief that doesn't even have a college education for $107k.

Why would anybody take a voluntary buyout of $8k or less when unemployment pays better.

This is absurd. It should

This is absurd. It should not be any surprise to people when the country goes bankrupt. Greed knows no bounds and is not limited to white collar executives and CEO's. Government employees and their unions are just as bad if not worse.

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