City Council Considers Street Annexations

The Brundage Lane reconstruction project is still underway and involves the cooperation of the City of Sheridan, Sheridan County, and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. In return for their assistance, WYDOT suggested the City Council annex portions of Coffeen Avenue and Brundage Lane. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey...

The Council passed the annexation request on first reading. Under the terms of the agreement with WYDOT, once the annexation passes third reading, the City will remain responsible for maintenance of the streets but they will remain state highways. Any major reconstruction will still be conducted by the State.

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Sheridan Mayor Dave

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey
seemed hesitant about adding
responsibility to city staff. “If we
have to keep taking on more and
more, it is going to have a big
budget impact,” he said.

That's funny,Kinskey hasn't had any trouble going out of his way to annex every piece of county property for his developer buddies like the Scott family or Tom Kinnison.But now suddenly Diamond Dave is concerned with taking responsibility for Coffeen and Brundage which the community of sheridan has been using for years.

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