City Council Chamber Filled With Those Concerned About New Dog Park

The City of Sheridan recently began to erect fences at Lion’s Park on North Sheridan Avenue. The partitions will contain a “leash free” area for dogs. The first “dog park” in Sheridan has created quite a stir among neighborhood residents. Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson was taken off guard by the neighborhood response.

Prior to the creation of the dog park, Lion’s Park only had fencing on one and a half sides. The new “leash free” area would be totally enclosed and should increase safety for all park users. Councilor Steve Brantz has reservations about the idea.

Former City Councilor Tom Kinnison spoke to the Council and feels that education could mitigate many of the concerns voiced by neighbors.

Several residents suggested that certain hours be established when dogs would not be allowed in the park. That would allow for a time when children could play in the park without worrying about having an encounter with a canine.

The City Council will revisit the issue within a year to see if the project is a success.

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I'd rather see a "Dog Park"

I'd rather see a "Dog Park" than ANOTHER Liquor store or bank or even McDonalds. I realize that there are many other issues in Sheridan that are just set on the back burner But.. was it even very expensive to construct this dog park? Anyone know how much it cost? Personally, I think the dog park was an awesome idea.. Dogs make people happy and parks make dogs happy... Lighten up people it's just a dog park.. So go get yourself a dog and enjoy Sheridan's new dog park.. After all it's ONLY a dog park.. Grass and fence not concrete and street signs..

I am happy that we finally

I am happy that we finally have a dog park. I take my dog almost every day. I pick up poo, I keep her under control around other dogs, I enjoy speaking to other owners and meeting lots of friendly pups. The park was hardly used before, but I now see dogs & owners there almost every time I drive by. I wish they would designate a dog area at several more of Sheridan's parks. I don't care who decided to put up the fences- Kinskey, Kinnison, or the Gohst of Elvis, this park will be a positive asset to Sheridan and I am quite happy that it is within walking distance from my house and not out in some rich subdivision. I'm not politically invoved with the city, my family is low-income, and I didn't vote for Kinskey. I would like to send my thanks to Kinskey & the Counsel for putting in this dog park.


Really? We have to fight over a dog park? I am an owner of a very active dog, and many of times, while at numerous parks I have been told that he must be on a leash. Well give us a place to throw their Frisbee, and not worry about other people that are too scared of dogs, or don’t like them, or are just too uptight. Get over the fact that Kinskey did this. It is a GREAT idea and most towns have a dog park, and I bet they did not bicker over it like children. Some peoples dogs are just as loved a valued as children. All this arguing over something as trivial as this is sad...there are greater things in Sheridan that needs our time and attention. For example, the crime rate for the teen population! Let just get our priorities straight and pick our battles people! Please just remember NOT all dogs are out to bit and hurt you and that most are loveable and kind hearted animals. They just want to play like children...heck my dog listens better than most children...I say go to bed...he does it...I say lay down he does it...I say that’s enough he stops...Just keep that in mind when you want to complain about dogs...they all are not bad dogs....

If this is the sort of thing

If this is the sort of thing that people complain and whine about - then life must be pretty good in Sheridan Wy. Imagine the problems we could have.

dog park

Why is it that every subject turns into a Kinskey Bash? You are as bad as the national Liberals. One person does not make all the decisions. That's why we have a city COUNCIL. We really don't care if you like the Mayor. Stick to the subject. Some people cannot drive to areas to let their dogs run & play. And, why is it that things like this work in most places, but never in Sheridan? This isn't a new idea. Oh, poo, why am I asking questions of closeminded people?

This isn't a Kinskey

This isn't a Kinskey bash.This is simply yet another example of kinskey doing whatever he wants,because he isn't accountable to the public.Nor does he even remotely care what the public wants.After kinskey does whatever he wants,he then responds to the backlash and the public with,"I had no idea","I can't believe people are angry".Even though the public has told kinskey that they don't want their small park destroyed with a fence and feces.

We don't have a city COUNCIL.We have Mr. Brantz and his vote is meaningless when you have six other votes in kinskeys pocket.If people would get involved in local goverment kinskey would not be mayor.People involved in goverment and interested in democracy,don't tolerate people like kinskey.

Kinskey is in office because sheridan doesn't care about its future.And kinskey has no intention of looking out for what's best for sheridan.

You sure do spend a lot of

You sure do spend a lot of time speaking "for" other people. That is not your place. Stick to your own opinions, and stop dumbing up the message boards.
You blame Kinskey for having his own agendas, and you do the exact same thing here. Just get over it.

Yes,my agenda is to throw

Yes,my agenda is to throw out what kinskey is doing to sheridan.Your agenda is to put your head in the sand and pretend it's not happening.

dog park

I agree with Diane,and the other pro dog park individuals; but the concerns voiced by the general public are valid. I have never seen a city designate a dog park without input from those involved, both in picking the site and in the use. I also agree that a dog park should be just that- a park for dogs and their families, period. Trying to "schedule" times for a park to be dogless or childless is ridiculous, especially in our community, where so many people work such a variety of hours. As far as the "close" neighbors having more say than any others, I have yet to hear of a dog park being a nuisance....owners and their dogs and family members play in the park, chasing balls, sticks, and each other. They do not party; throw beer cans or garbage around, or scream, yell and rampage at random.

A dog park is necessary in this country, as trying to run your dog in open acreage is begging to have them shot and killed by the landowner, or anyone with a gun. If the dog is small enough, danger from hawks, eagles, larger dogs and coyotes is a also an issue - beleive me, my little ones have been dived upon from above by hungry hawks...they look like little rabbits. I have also been attacked by large dogs roaming at will around town. I am glad there is a dog park now--but I certainly empathize with the rest of the citizens who were surprised by the way it was done.

i think it is really stupid

i think it is really stupid idea to convert a park that is used for multi purposes in to a dog park we dont need to spend more money we dont have on things like this. Just wait there will be a lawsuit against someone because someone wasnt paying attention to there dog and it could be the vicious one and bite someones child that is playing on the play ground.


Interesting how a community can fill up City Council Chambers and voice their frustrations over the new kept secret dog park, but yet all those complaining about the new chief selection process remained at home for the prospective chief applicants' introductions at City Hall (Like five people showed up for that besides media and press). Obviously our town has it's priorities right on target to worry more about a dog park than the safety and security of our town and the integrity of the police force.

The dog park will be good thing in the long run, statistically it takes a community approximately 12-15 months to see how a new dog park will affect the area. Just see how it works and go from there. Nothing is final, except for when you die, and even then I am sure god negotiates.

Very Well put! I can

Very Well put!

I can understand how people would be upset with the manner in which the dog park has come about. And now that the issue has been addressed, can we move on to the issue of the park?

We have so many outdoor and recreational opportunities for kids but not many for people with their pets. Dog parks are a great way for people AND dogs to get out and exercise! I think we may find many people visiting this particular park that haven't spent much time at other parks. It's fun to go to a dog park and watch all the canines have a ball. It's good for the humans and good for the dogs.

And as the person before me said: it's a reversible decision. There's no need for panic. If it becomes an issue, just tear down the fence.

As for the neighbors: ummm...wasn't this an EXISTING park already? Having a Dog Park neighboring you will probably increase your property values. Don't know that the same could be said for a regular (rarely used) city park.

These aren't new ideas! If you're afraid of it....educate yourself about it. Do the research.

Dog Park

I would like to clafify some possible misunderstandings that may be occuring around the "dog Park" recent issue at the Lions Park. The neighborhood around Lions Park -as myself was not neccasarily in oppostion to a dog park. What was the major concern was the surprise fencing and redesignation of the neighborhood park. The new designation will now be a multi use facility where there will be times for dogs to run free and times when children can use the park for their needs. This will be used as a test pilot to see if these two activities can coexist under one park. This is a good test to see if other parks and sport facilities can be used in a like manner. The fence is in- lets give it a try and see what happens. I wish to thank all those that have given comments for and against.

Steve Brantz
Ward 3 City Councilor

Response to Mr. Brantz

Mr. Brantz-
Completely understandable that people were concerned when they weren't given a chance for input, especially the neighbors closest to the park. Am I reading you correctly in regards to "dog time" & "children time"? Is it going to be mandated that the new fenced in area will only be available to dogs during certain times & children the other times? For example, dogs are only allowed in the fenced in area between 8-10 am & 5-7 pm? Then why go to the effort of building a dog park? Either make it a dog park or don't. I don't understand why a dog park cannot be designated for dogs 100% of the time (ok, maybe it would be best to have regulations that it's only available for use during daylight hours). I foresee quite a bit of confusion, misunderstanding, & chaos if the "dog park" actually has to be shared between dogs & children. Sheridan has a LARGE number of great parks that are used by children - & in every single park, dogs are required to be on leash (for great reasons). One of the main reasons this particular park was chosen for a dog park because it has been studied & proven to have the lowest usage. Why can't we designate one fenced area for dogs & dogs alone? What happens to those people that can't make it to the dog park during "dog" hours? So if they designate a time for kids, what's going to happen when no kids play at the park (as already shown by the City's studies)?

Dog park

I also agree with Diane. My fiance & I have dogs - we're responsible dog owners. We keep our dogs on leash where required, we pick up after them, they have been to obedience school & know commands (so we can keep them under control). I understand there are negligent dog owners that have "ruined it for everyone" - they allow their dogs to bark constantly, the dog is out of control even when leashed, they don't pick up after their dog, etc. Every dog park I have been to has been a wonderful experience. Dogs are allowed to run free & burn their energy, dog owners pick up after their dog, & everyone follows "dog park etiquette" (if their dog is misbehaving, they either get them under control or leave). I've found that dogs play incredibly well together when given the freedom to roam & run in a fenced area. Those that have dogs & are responsible dog owners help to keep the dog park free from controversy. If they notice a particular person or dog causing trouble, they encourage them to either bring the situation under control or not return to the dog park. Most dog owners are so incredibly happy to have a large fenced area for their dogs to run that they are incredibly conscious of the rules & regulations to avoid hassle with others.

Dogs, especially big dogs, need lots of exercise. Walk around the various neighborhoods & you'll see many dogs that are not receiving enough exercise. Behavior like constant barking, digging, chewing, etc. are signs a dog is not given the exercise (mentally & physically) to keep from getting bored. A dog park is a great area of dogs & their owners to visit & receive the exercise required. Of course, it can only be a successful dog park if everyone abides by the rules.

That's really neat,Kinnison

That's really neat,Kinnison one of the largest campaign contributors to kinskey was there to help push through kinskeys under the table agenda of a dog park.

I agree completly with

I agree completly with Diane.

Dog park

I think it is essential to have a dog park in our community.
My experience with dog parks have all been positive. I have two canines and weekly take them to doggy daycare which is a wonderful service but on the weekends and at other times when I am off and wish to enjoy seeing my dogs run free and play am not able to do so.

I spent a month in Tucson last year and visited the dog park everyday. It was a wonderful experience for the dogs and their owners. People adhered to the rules and policies and if someone missed seeing their dog leave a mess another picked up after the person. I even inquired about this phenomenon and the gentleman replied, "we love our dog park and for the owners it is as much a time to socialize so we pitch in and help one another."

Every progressive community needs a dog park or it isn't very progressive.

Essential to have a dog

Essential to have a dog park??? Essential ???

Good roads to drive on are essential. ( we still have many roads that are in very bad condition in and around town )

Ambulances services
Fire dept services
Police dept services
Trash Removal
Water and sewer

Those are essential, a "Dog Park" is hardly an assencial item to have in Sheridand !!!

America is living in very "Unstable and Uncertain times" and we don't know what's going to happen from one day to the next. Our government continues to print money with nothing to back it up there for lowering the vaule of the dollar and raising the cost of goods. America's Triple A credit rating is in danger, we owe out more than we collect in taxes and we're in a jobless economy with no light at the end of the tunnel.
Spend spend spend, every time this city has an extra nickle they need to spend it on something foolish !! Then they'll say, we need to rasie water rates, we need to raise taxes, we need to raise sewer rates, we don't have enough money for snow removel because the winters been to hard, ect ect because the "Poor City" doesn't have enough money to keep these services going.
Americans are sick and tired of paying taxes just to have them wasted on junk, yet people keep voting in these stupid special interest projects ( like Dog Parks) that add to the tax payers burden. What the heck is wrong with people??
155 people signed a pitition to not allow the dog park, people who have to live in that area, but still the city desides to go ahead with it even though the people didn't want it. ( sounds like the stimulus money that ended up going to the rich CEO's, Unions and Wall Street Big shots instead of going to the people to help them ). It just goes to show how Kinskey and other people are so out of touch with the people and don't really care what we have to say.
Sheridan should be saving every cent they can and should be tightening their belts and conserving tax payer money, not spending it foolishly because we don't know what our finacial future is going to be. I ( along with many other Americans ) are fed up with Special Interest Projects that waste our money. Enough is Enough !!!!!



A petition means nothing to

A petition means nothing to kinskey.He's not accountable to the public.He's accountable to a select few of his buddies,kinnison being one of them.Kinnison happens to own several big dogs and is most likely the real force behind this decision and the real reason kinskey is pushing so hard for this. City Council is a joke,the council repeatedly demonstrates that it is nothing but a rubber stamp for kinskey.

Without a doubt,the spotlight that Coucilman Brantz brought upon the under handed methods Kinskey has used to select a Police Chief.Ushered in the decision for Kinskey to pull this latest back door trick of bringing in a bark park in Brantz's ward with no public input.Mr. Brantz is in a no win situation here.He has a fellow city council that is just as corrupt as Kinskey.The council could have easily over rode kinskey's decision on this park,but instead did nothing because they're worse then useless.

This park was run through without public input,because the public has already told the city that they don't want dog parks.Popular vote on this issue would have eliminated the placing of a dog park at lions park,which is why the public wasn't included.

The citizens of sheridan as a whole are spineless and Kinskey is fully aware of this.And he continues to act accordingly,because he knows full well the citizens of sheridan will do nothing to stop him.

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