City Council Candidate Cited For Sexual Battery

Sheridan City Council CandidateMelvin Krenzelok has been cited for Sexual Battery in Circuit Court.
Sheridan City Council CandidateMelvin Krenzelok has been cited for Sexual Battery in Circuit Court.

Ward Three Sheridan City Council Candidate Melvin Krenzelok has been cited for misdemeanor Sexual Battery for an incident that occurred on or about January 14th, 2010 at Sheridan Manor Nursing Home. Krenzelok's Attorney Clay Jenkins entered a written Not Guilty plea before Judge John Sampson earlier this week in Sheridan County Circuit Court. A case review will be conducted shortly between the defense and prosecuting attorney's office. No further details of the incident were available to the media at this time.

Drop out of city council race!

I'm very glad that the rest of the allegations finally came out against Mr. Krenzelok. The allegations were more serious and involved more people then what was originally known. I hope some of you take more of a pause before you stand up to defend this guy or invent some pathetic conspiracy theory.

Loves Sheridan- I submitted

Loves Sheridan-
I submitted a reply to your post a few days ago, but it never has appeared so I will try to reply to your post now. I do know that he knew of being questioned before he ran for office. And yes, the investigation did start 8 months ago. And why does it matter if the victim reported it 8 months, 2 days, or even now? If a crime was committed there should never be a limit on time as to when the victim can report it. I wonder, why since he knew about this did he run for an office? Wonder if he thought because he was in office this might just get swept under the rug? So many questions.

Too sad. If it was my family member, I would be angry. People are more concerned on here about his run for office and not one bit sorry for the victim or their family!


It has been brought to my attention that comments I made on this post were seen as insensitive and uncareing by the alleged victim's family in the above mentioned case. For this misunderstanding I extend a sincere apology to all those which I have unintentionaly offended. My comments in no way were to take away from the seriousness of these accusations. My deepest apologies to this family.

Steven Brantz
City Councilman

Steven Brantz


wow. timing is everything

response to Wyo 123

If I gave the impression I was frustrated with the police investigation or the council over this allegation I failed to make my concerns clear and for that I wish to reply. I have nothing but respect for our Police Department and my fellow Councilors. My concern is that if all possible a resolve is necassary before the general election. Simply stated I was frustrated that the timing of this allegation creates many unanswered questions that harm the election process.

Steve Brantz

Steven Brantz


Maybe someone did wait until they saw he was running for office. It is scary for someone to come forward on something like this. Should we have people in public office that would commit these crimes?

Wake Up

Some of you people need to get a grip. Is there any good timing for something like this?

Teh fact he came in first in the voting has nothing to do with what is going on. The ALLEGED offense happened in January and there was obviously a lengthy investigation.

Would it have been better for this to come out right before the primary election? In either event, there were only two candidates for that ward, and both move on to the general.

Yes, we should assume he is innocent until proven guilty. He deserves that much.

But to questions the police department and/or city council and why the investigation took so long (especially by a city councilman) is completely inappopriate. No one here
knows what is going on right now. So wait and see what happens next instead of hurling stones at people.

I agree I have my doubts

I agree I have my doubts about this whole thing
come on this happened in January & now surfaces after he came in 1st place in the Primary election ( think I smell a rat)



if webster won the primary this never gets out shady guy that webster

Marc Hartman

That is a pretty interesting

That is a pretty interesting allegation. Care to back that up with anything factual? No one ever said someone needed an IQ to post here.

Loves Sheridan- This happens

Loves Sheridan-
This happens to be a case of he knew that he was being investigated and charges could be pending when he decided to run for office. It takes time for investigations and charges to be filed on someone, so that could explain the 8 months your talking about. It is good to have doubt about news stories, but if he knew that these charges were potentially going to be filed and then decided to still run for office, he knew that this could become a problem for him.

me 2

You know for sure that before he started his campaign he knew he was being investigated? Why would anyone who knows they are being investigated on charges like this run in a political race! If he was aware of the investigation and thought there could be charges he wouldn't run for ward 3, it would be a waste of time and also it would shine more light on the charges, like it has now compared to if it was someone not running for a political position. Also, I am well aware it takes time to have charges brought upon someone but certainly not 8 months, especially something like this, there is no way that 8 months ago this was brought to the police dept attention and it took them 8 months to investigate and press charges. He may very well be guilty of these acts but I feel that whomever is the possible victim did not report this incident until recently, I may be wrong but this is the feeling I get.

Let the proper people investigate

A man is innocent until proven guilty in this community. I would think we could let our system work and wait before we come to any conclusions. As this alledged accusation brings doubt to Mr. Krenzelok character during his campain for City Council it will of great importance that we have resolve of this issue by the general election. It is extremely disturbing to me that the alledged incedent of eight months ago comes to light after mr. Krenzelok won the primary. Politics is a wonderful thing !

Steven Brantz City Councilor

Steven Brantz

City Council Candidate Cited For Sexual Battery

So, is he out on bail?
Just cited for the alleged offense?
Will he be allowed to go door to door again to campaign for his getting lawns mowed & getting people cited for unkempt yards agenda, further wasting Police resources?

Worries me, it does.

How is making sure people

How is making sure people follow the city ordinances a waste of resources? I hate looking at houses near mine that the yard look like crap! He can come turn people in; in my area. Plus doesn't this look a little fishy to anyone else that this person came forward with this accusation 8 months later during election time.... I am not saying it didn't happen or he isn't guilty but I have a few doubts on the whole thing.

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