City Council Awards One Of Two Bar And Grill Licenses

The Sheridan City Council spent most of Monday night's meeting hearing from the various applicants for the two available bar and grill licenses that the City currently has. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more on what transpired.

After hearing presentations from the applicants, minus Royal Restaurants, who did not have anyone in attendance, the Council awarded one of the licenses to Crowbo LLC. Crowbo's intentions are to purchase the Bino's Grocery building and renovate it to accommodate a gourmet pizzeria that would also offer pasta specials on Friday and Saturday nights. One half of Crowbo LLC, Brock Boedecker stated to the Council that their goal is to be up and running by September 1st of this year.

While none of the other four applicants were awarded a license, Councilman John Heath did make a motion that their requests be tabled.

The other applicants were Chad Franklin with P.O. News/Flagstaff Cafe, Wyoming Brewing Company, Sanford's Grub and Pub and Royal Restaurants LLC. The Council will hear from the applicants again at their April 19th meeting. Council also tabled proposed fee increases for Kendrick Municipal Golf Course and Mayor Dave Kinskey swore in new Police Chief Richard Adriaens.

Crobow LLC

Well at the end of the day, they got the license they wanted, its not about sellign pizza, its about selling booze. And i agree with an earlier post, the key for them to survive is to offer a good product. I had their pizza, when they were sandbaggers at the country club, and i hope they learn how to make pizza because the stuff at sandbaggers was terrible. Owning a DQ, is no way prepares you for running an actualy sit down restuarant, as they found out at sandbaggers. It is a hard business, and we need anoher pizza place like we need another hole in the head. We need a REAL italian place here in Sheridan, but no an over priced, nasty tasting pizza and "gourmet" pasta place. They couldnt sell food at the country club, with a certain amount of money coming in every month thru the use it or lose it fee, how ever will they do it in a stand alone place with no easy money coming in? All I can say is good luck to them, once they open, thety will be busy for the first month, like all new places, then word will get out, about the poor quality food and it will only be a matter of time.


I am posting this as a separate comment because our reply tree is creating a very narrow column.

You keep adding layers to this conspiracy, but no matter how you try to spin it the basic facts simply don't fit. It's obvious to me that this is just the latest in your long line of ridiculous paranoid theories. One of your earliest posts in this thread stated that "All you're going to get is some over priced pizza place in Bino's run down fire trap of a building." You have absolutely no basis on which to form an opinion of the prices on a menu that doesn't even exist yet, and you obviously don't know the details of the Bino's sale nor the modifications to the fire codes. You simply assume the worst and run with it as long as it gives you an excuse to rag on Kinskey some more.

You obviously don't care about getting your facts straight as you have more than once accused me of not graduating high school. You are wrong about that and you are wrong in most of your negative bile-filled drivel that pollutes our website on a daily basis.

We banned you once before for stinking up our site with your hateful attitude, and it seems to me that things haven't improved since we let you back.


I would like to meet whoever RJones is and sit down with him to see why he hates Sheridan so much but continues to post all of these comments and appears to know how to solve every problem in the world. I would even buy him lunch at his place of choice, assuming he would want to eat somewhere in Sheridan.

Threads like this where the dialogue is between Mr. Sisson and RJones make me wonder why there is even a comment function allowed. Why not remove the ability to comment, as not much productivity comes out of them and encourage engagement in the public forum? If the comments below articles were removed no one would have to hear about RJone's conspiracy theory's against the Mayor unless they want to.

Who said anything about hate

Who said anything about hate for sheridan?

Sheridan was a wonderful place before Kinskey and his chronies started running sheridan into the ground and sheridan will be a wonderful place when kinskeys no longer Mayor.

Only a transplant from somewhere else without a clue as to what sheridan was like before Kinskey,would think that things around sheridan are as they should be over the past 5 years.

I don't think he would like

I don't think he would like to eat in any of our overpriced, run-down firetrap dumps. Besides, the solution to every problem is simple: Boot Kinskey and his "buddies" out of office.

I think we should create a "Kinspiracies" topic in the Open Forum, and RJones can use that to give us daily updates on how the Mayor is destroying our town, rather than repeating himself under every news story. That way, those who are interested in that stuff can get it all in one convenient location while those who would rather not be exposed to it don't have to filter through it to see the rest of the comments. What do you think about that?

or maybe...

You are right. The solution to this particular problem IS simple.
Simply ignore the inanities, don't let yourself be drawn into it, and the fun goes out of it for the protagonist.
I follow these "forums" to, hopefully, get a more comprehensive view of public opinion concerning what is going on in the area.
Frankly, I am disappointed that they have degenerated into nothing more than small-town political back-biting.
Your idea of another forum with a "Kinspiracy" topic, make that inclusive of any conspiracy, might prove enlightening to both sides.
Why not try it?

I think we'll do it.

I think we'll do it. Perhaps a better name than "Kinspiracies" can be found, but that should make both sides happy. The ones who enjoy RJones's posts will be able to easily find them and the ones who find them annoying can easily avoid them.

I think...

Changing the name to something less insulting to a particular individual or group is a given.
Perhaps something as simple and all-encompassing as 'IMHO' would suffice.
However, I am sure you have much better titles in mind.

Considering the fact that

Considering the fact that Heath has openly admitted that ordinance #2088 is designed specifically around the needs of Bino's building,there's really no conspiracy at all.Just city business as usual.

A better title for this forum would be "Kinskey,Sheridans Dictator".

Of course Steve this forum would have to have space for your personal spot also.We'll call it "Steve Sissons Tears of Frustration".

LOL! Now that's a great

LOL! Now that's a great idea!

Actually, since you are a registered user you should be able to create your own topics in the open forum right now.

Lot's of acrimony!

Lot's of acrimony steeping within these news threads for sure. Maybe the boys should sit down over an ice tea or something. I've no beef regarding the issuance of the liscense by any means. Don't really care who gets it as long as we benefit in the long run from a decent high quality restaurant. Not certain if a Pizza joint is the way to go but we could use a nice Italian place in town. Applebees or Chillis would be nice as well as an Olive Garden too. A really good place on the northern side of town would be a welcome site for the revitalization up there.


Turning the Bino's into a STRIP CLUB is the best idea that has ever came across Sheridan Medias Comment page! If you don't like it don't support it! I've been to several up-scale strip clubs or GENTLEMAN'S CLUBS and it might be just what the single man/woman unhappily married couples in Sheridan need. This would probably be a huge revenue producer and if they gave out spray bottles we could have a spray park that adults could enjoy!

Strip Club

Bino's would of been a perfect place for a strip club. It is not near any schools or other kid venues. It is far enough from down town. Doesnt have alot of windows to cover. Good location for the police to monitor.

They could have offered those $7.00 t-bone steak with a baked potatoes on wednesday and all you can eat salad buffet for $5.00 on friday, chicken wing for .25 on sat and sun. Of course non smoking would of been a plus. I would have to eat at this place at least twice a week.

I know, put your money where your mouth is. Anybody have about 3 million dollars I can use? Put it on a 15 year note.

Now most of the people in the sheridan area are pretty much uptight, anal retentive, conservative republicans, closed minded, and think inside the box, so this idea would not get far, but I can still hope one day this town will catch up to the rest of world. This especially would not happen if Kinkey has links to the vatican.(conspiricy) The redknecks would make it happen.

It seems like most of these posters seem to be on some type of moral crusade. Like an open mind or idea is a conspiricy. Maybe posts are just ideas and comments, nothing eles.

As usual Strip Clubs are not bad, people are.



I agree people are too uptight. If it is illegal not not hurting anyone, people shouldn't be forcing their morals on other people. A group was recently trying to get clubs in Casper shut down. The sheriff actually came to their defense and was able to show that there is no more crime or trouble around these places there there is anywhere else alcohol is dispensed.

But, no one would EVER go for a strip club right on Main Street. Likely, it would have to be put out in the county.

The other questions is what kind of strippers you would have in the club. This profession in our neck of the woods attracts some interesting women to say the least.

why does it have to be

why does it have to be women?

I think you could get around

I think you could get around moral issues by making it a strip club / bible book store. That way, customers who may sin inside can redeem themselves before they leave, making the whole experience a wash. The best part is that you get to profit on both sides of the exchange.

You make me laugh!

Rjones, You make me laugh! I see your humor unlike many of the stuff shirts that read this blog! Steve Sisson I love the Mr.Burns cartoon! People take themselves too seriously in Sheridan and if they are offended then they must have a guilty conscence. Too many times people fail to see the humor and the creative genius behind the paranoid mind who can congeere up such wild theories, plausable ..maybe, hilarious..definatly! PS. screw the spelling If you can read u can read!

I agree, to many up tight

I agree, to many up tight people... Live a little and think outside the box for once.. Have some fun...

Steven Sisson did graduate

Steven Sisson did graduate high school. He was a model student and had excellent grades. I hereby bear witness. :)

I wouldn't go so far as to

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I had excellent grades, but I did graduate. RJones is probably getting this information from the same orifice as his Kinspiracy theories.


He had been known to bake a pie at the CC!

never fails

the local restraunts we already have almost never fail to seperate me from my money!!!!! Still I'd like to see an applebees.

If you look at the euphoria

If you look at the euphoria that Kinskey attempted to create over this new pizza place,you have to ask why?

Well lets see Kinskey and Bigelow are both heavily connected to the catholic church,in fact Father Ogg here in sheridan was the priest in the Gillette catholic church before moving to sheridan with bigelow.

Bino's has been providing all the groceries to holy name school for decades.And they're also catholic.

What happens if this crowbo didn't get the liquor license? They wouldn't buy bino's.So Kinskey and friends on council had to do their best to get a liquor license issued,because more then just a pizza place was at stake.A long time friend of the catholic parish was faced with not being able to sell their building if the liquor license wasn't issued.

"So Kinskey and friends on

"So Kinskey and friends on council had to do their best to get a liquor license issued,because more then just a pizza place was at stake."

Clearly the well being of the entire free world hangs in the balance!!!! If Kinsky and Ogg get their way we will be destroyed as a people and held in the bonds of slavery for countless generations, and Christmas will be cancelled! Sometimes this place can be a hoot!!!!!

Phase 1: Build a dog

Phase 1: Build a dog park.
Phase 2: Allow a pizza place to obtain a liquor license

Steve for a guy like

Steve for a guy like yourself that couldn't even graduate from high school,I'd have thought that you could do better then the typical conspiracy theory.

Some more additions to your list:

Phase 4: Get rid of your city attorney so that he can't object to your illegal procedures during council meetings.

Phase 5: Spend $18k on a failed city police chief hiring process,then a month later have to fire city employees because you can't make payroll.

Phase 6: Try to justify building a spray park when you're over $1.3 million in debt,plus your optional 1% tax is down.

Phase 7: Hire a water works director from Iowa that came from a municipality that's $180 million in debt.

Phase 8: Hire your buddy from gillette as police chief,for nearly double the salary you were paying the chief 4 years previously.Then fire more city employees to make payroll.


Then I say you pack up your

Then I say you pack up your hill-billy truck with some SPAM, head for the road, and leave.

"Phase 9: BANKRUPT


This might be a viable option, think of all the contracts you could renegotiate. Anyone under contract with the city needs to think about that..

Dear dear Jonesie

If you ever want any credibility here, it would behoove you to be honest. You obviously have an axe to grind. That is fine. But when you let you personal feelings skew your ability to be logical, rational, and realistic, you just look like a giant boob.

The new police chief was not a "buddy" to anyone. The financial problem is caused by a sudden downturn in tax revenue. The spray park has been put on the back burner.

Do you have the ability to be remotely objective and look at an issue from both sides? Not everything is Kinskey's fault. Do you blame him every time you have a flat tire or paper cut?


You have offended me, you say RJJones looks like a big boob. I have always thought big boobs.....never mind, you should get the picture.

It's too late for RJones to

It's too late for RJones to have any credibility on this site. He has shown himself to be someone who just likes to complain about everything, and typically will fabricate some sort of ridiculous connection to the Mayor in the process. His posts are a joke, and the joke is getting old.

Considering that both the

Considering that both the ordinance and the Liquor license were issued by kinskey and his council,it's pretty tough not to have kinskey directly involved and connected..

You are suggesting that the

You are suggesting that the fire ordinance was specifically designed to get the Bino's site into Crowbo's possession because the parties involved are all members of the same church group. That's the ridiculous part.

Yes the fire ordinance was

Yes the fire ordinance was specifically aimed at getting around fire code so that Bino's could be used as an eatery without costly sprinkler upgrades.As for the church,there is no denying that most of the involved parties in this are members of the same church.

Honestly steve why would council pass this type of fire code out of the blue,unless it could be immediately applied to something like Bino's or was being pressured by a private entity in need of code change.We're in a recession if you hadn't noticed.

With the way the city is currently set up under this administration, city planning and building departments are nothing but enablers for private developers and they routinely work closely together.Crowbo was in contact with the city long before you saw them before city council.It was established that the building to be occupied wouldn't meet fire code,so the administration created an ordinance to make sure Bino's could meet fire code and council being nothing more then a rubber stamp,approved the ordinance on three readings.It doesn't hurt that one of the LLC's members is heavily involved with the downtown Sheridan association either.

Something else worth noting,is a new business brings in new tax base.Giving a liquor license to sanfords creates no new tax base.Is kinskey going to only hand out liquor licenses to new business in order to create new tax base?

"why would council pass this

"why would council pass this type of fire code out of the blue,unless it could be immediately applied to something like Bino's or was being pressured by a private entity in need of code change."

I have heard no evidence that Crowbo threatened to pull out of the deal over the fire code. In fact, I understand that they had proposed to modify the building to meet the existing code! That means Crowbo would have purchased the building regardless of the fire code changes, and there was no reason to modify the code to get the building to sell.

Why modify a building and

Why modify a building and have to pay building/inspection fees,when you have a city administration willing to rewrite fire code and pass ordinance in your behalf,plus issue you a liquor license at the very same council meeting that they're also approving on final reading a fire ordinance for your building.

That's an irrelevant

That's an irrelevant question. Crowbo was willing to renovate the building to comply with the preexisting fire code. The city did not need to modify the code to get the building to sell. Your Kinspiracy theory is busted.

There's no evidence that

There's no evidence that crowbo was willing renovate anything.In fact the push by the city for this new fire ordinance points in the other direction.

According to another post

According to another post they had proposed to extend a water main into the Bino's building to supply a sprinkler system. That would have made the building compliant with the existing fire code.

The city would be

The city would be responsible for increasing the water main to the property line,which is where all the cost is at.Way cheaper for all involved to simply pass another ordinance to remove the need for the water main increase to begin with.It's just the publics safety during a fire,it's no big deal.

You're going to see more of these ordinances passed that do nothing but cater to select individuals.The Minor Replat Ordinance the city passed at the previous city council meeting is a prime example of the city going along with whatever select individuals want.

They passed an ordinance at the previous council meeting that eliminated the requirement for city council approval on minor replats of three lots or less on exsisting plats. And placed it in the hands of non elected appointed administrators that have no obligation to offer public comment.All during a time of recession,with little or no housing construction going on. However,there's some indication that a Realtor and Developer involved with the subdivision surrounding Woodland Park School are trying to get high density housing(low income apartments,all the kind of stuff that you want around your own home to help increase its value).Dave knows that surrounding neighbors aren't going to want this type of replat after approving what was placed on the original plat.So he places it on the shoulders of being passed administratively,the same concept of a city adminstrator that he tried to pull earlier in his first term.Another example of this ordinance being applied would be down in Emmerson street where SHAC tried to pull a fast one and neighbors in the area fought it before city council.Under this ordinance that reading and comment period before council has been convienantly eliminated.

The city has no way to support itself.Kinskey created a one dimensional system solely dependant on building fees and know those fees are completely gone,yet the overhead that he inflated to city to is still due twice a month.Daves latest attempt to save his sinking ship is to fire low level employees,rather then get rid of parks and pathways people pass any ordinance that he thinks might generate some cash flow.

Tough to be objective when

Tough to be objective when most roads lead to kinskey.

Just the ones you focus on

Some of those roads are imaginary. There is no Kinskey fire code / liquor license conspiracy to ensure the Bino's building is sold to Crowbo.


Wasn't there a law or rule about how much parking had to be available for a restaurant?

I'm surprised RJones still

I'm surprised RJones still lives here. His posts on this web site indicate that every building in Sheridan is a dump, the trailheads are filthy, all officials from our Washington representatives to city managers to the Game and Fish are corrupt, the city will soon be a bankrupt ghost town, and on and on and on. If this is really how he sees this town one would think he would have moved to greener pastures by now.

Oh man, we can only wish.

Oh man, we can only wish. Maybe you should start by banning him from the site... Just a thought. Clearly you guys like having him here, its sick.

That might happen. I think

That might happen. I think we did ban him under a different name before, and he is certainly testing our patience again. I think we've all had our fill of his Kinspiracy theories.

Why would I be testing your

Why would I be testing your patience steve? You're only interested in responses that you agree with?


I like reading your posts. Interesting to say the least, although they do not inspire me to change my being as a person.

Some seem far fetched, but they are only comments and ideas. They do not change the world as we know it. You have not posted one comment that offends me. You do not use cuss words, and you spelling is pretty good.

What would be sick? To block you from the site, to censor you more, that would be sick. Very closed minded. If posters want you to go away, they can stop responding to your posts and you will eventually go away on your own. The posters should have the power to control comments, not a few moderators.

Uncensored, unfiltered, internet of free sheridan media. cool idea and 100% American. Oh yes, I could go to other internet sites, I could start my own free site, and I can even make the choice to read or comment on this site until I am banned, why? Because I am free to make my own choices.

Damian Trujillo

Damian Trujillo

If the discussions on this

If the discussions on this web site were taking place in a public building, RJones would be the heckler in the back row. These people are typically tossed out of such events -- not for the ideas they present, but for the disruptive manner in which they choose to present them. Censorship has nothing to do with it. It is all about maintaining a respectable atmosphere for productive conversation.

Class clowns typically cross the line from funny to annoying and end up in the principal's office... and that is their choice.

Yes indeed

Even a heckler in congress for calling Obama a liar was not tossed out of the building. Was that person even fined or banned?

These discussions are not even on the same level. This is not a church forum or even a political forum. It is a public forum.

What one person or moderator considers disruptive another might consider entertaining.

Who knows, some of the things that are commented might make the public want to inquire into the facts and little more and come to thier own conclusions.

Even clowns have role in society. Look at Mcain and palin. Perfect examples.

It's not me in particular,

It's not me in particular, but everyone who has to read through your daily Kinskey rants. You also recently hijacked the poll question and tried to turn it into another anti-Kinskey thread. The last time you pulled this you were banned. We get it: You don't like Kinskey. I think it's time stop beating that drum. Of course, you complain about EVERYTHING... and that is also tiresome.

No. All successful evil

No. All successful evil plans must be carried out in 3 phases.

As I told you when we banned your previous user account, I don't know where you came up with this idea about my high school diploma but, just like your Binos Kinspiracy theory, it is ill-conceived.

That is the most ridiculous

That is the most ridiculous theory you have come up with yet! It really is as if you reached around, and pulled it out!
You clearly know NOTHING about the family that owns that building or the sale!
How are you even able to pass the math captcha that is required to post here????

Interesting Kinspiracy

Interesting Kinspiracy theory, but not very plausible in my book. If Crowbo didn't buy the property, someone else would. That appears to be an attractive location for a business, so I doubt that Crowbo was their only hope for a sale.

Crowbo was the only hope for

Crowbo was the only hope for a sale or bino's wouldn't have sat on the market for past 5 years.

Bino's had a family member

Bino's had a family member sell out from under them. You know NOTHING of what you speak, and I mean this in all posts.
I mean, I cant even come on here to read this site anymore for fear of accidentally reading one of your posts and becoming as dumb as you!

Yes,its all just coincidence

Yes,its all just coincidence that we have a fire ordinance being passed that is aimed directly at fire trap dumps like Bino's and at the same time you have crowbo trying to open up a pizza place that could in no way meet fire code in bino's without this ordinance being passed.Without the liquor license the pizza place is even less marketable,which makes buying bino's less of an option.

Bino's has been for sale forever,they've had nobody interested in their building except crowbo.The money needed to bring that building up to fire code without kinskeys pet fire ordinance made it even harder to sell.

Then why not just pass the

Then why not just pass the fire ordinance? If what you say is true, that alone would make the building more attractive for other businesses who wouldn't care one way or the other about a liquor license. You certainly don't need both relaxed fire codes AND a liquor license to get that building to sell.

What they care about is

What they care about is occupancy.In order to make bino's an eatery they had to have fire code restrictions reduced through city ordinance.Which kinskey and his rubber stamp council did.

Obviously you do need both a liquor license and relaxed fire code or bino's would have sold years ago when the economy was better,but instead it sat unsold on the market for years.

Fire Codes

The facts about the fire code are as follows.

Until the publication of the 2006 International Fire Code (IFC), a fire sprinkler system was required for A-2 (restaurant occupancies and others) when the calculated occupant load exceeded 300.

Starting with the 2006 IFC, largely due to the Great White fire in Rhode Island, the threshold for a fire sprinkler system in A-2 went to an occupant load of 100. Essentially, any new restauraunt or nightclub over 1500 square feet has to be sprinklered. This includes a building changing occupancy classes, like a mercantile going to an assembly.

The ordinance passed by City Council on March 15, 2010, was conceived in the building and fire departments in mid 2009, well before any project involving Bino's or Crowbo was proposed.

The first proposal by Crowbo (in 2010) included plans for extending a water main into the Bino's building to supply a fire suppression system.

The ordinance applies only to the buildings governed by the 2006 International Existing Building Code. The intent of the ordinance was to allow buildings that were built prior to the adoption of the 2006 IFC to have the continued flexibility that has been in the codes for years.

Summary: Crowbo, Bino's, Kinskey, City Council, the Catholic Church, nor anyone else conspired with the fire code.

What's really funny about

What's really funny about this whole thing is,Heath himself has used Bino's as an example of who this new fire ordinance is aimed at.

So yes,the ability to use Bino's as an eatery and still meet fire code without the requirement of installing costly fire sprinklers was and is the reason the fire ordinance was passed.And the concieving of this ordinance does not date back to mid 2009.The push started in December of 09


I have been reading te comments on this blog and they amaze me. I wish the people in Sheridan would act like the people from Sheridan. We have a good community and the majority of the people who live here have good hearts.

The fire codes are there for a reason and when a business sells the building does need updating. I recall the corner restaurant on Main burning down as it did not have that needed updating. As for Bino's I am sure who ever has looked at it has run the numbers and if it hasn't sold it is becasue of that not a liquor license. The Mayor has nothing to do with the ability of a company or individual to make the numbers work to open and operate productively. If a pizza place goes in there, they should be concerned about the food quality and the test of success prior to spending a fortune for a liquor license. A beer and wine license should or would start thm off fine. We already lost one Italian place. I understand that the profit margin on liquor is high but lets be realistic, if the food fails who cares about the liquor except the people who drink too much anyway and they will eat anywhere that has a liquor license. What should be thought of is a pizza place that offers a good family enviornment as well so they can pick up on the college market and all of the kids in Sheridan as well as the family's. Put some games in and lets have a good time, not get toasted. It would be full all of the time if the food is good. I am no familiar with the term "pizza and a gin and tonic" but "pizza and beer" is the norm. It is a tradition and there is allot to say for tradition. You put liquor in a pizza place and you will have a bunch of college kids in there eating pizzaa and drinking shots prior to going to the bar and that is certainly not a place I would take my grandchildren. I have seen this happen in one other pizza place that had a liquor license elsewhere with a college in the town and it was all drunken kids and fighting. I think a few surveys should be ran and the numbers should be looked at so the probability of success can be seen rather than the dream of a "everything is a conspiracy" Too funny, look at the business prospective not the "everything is someone else's fault" theory. The bottom line is "truly" the bottom line and numbers don't lie. We as busines people need to do our homework before we spend all of our money haphazzardly. A little time and money upfront for research saves allot in the end. Good Luck All!

Regardless of whether or not

Regardless of whether or not Binos is affected by the modification to the fire code, your accusation that the code was changed and the liquor license was awarded in order to allow Crowbo to purchase it is not true.

No the ordinance and liquor

No the ordinance and liquor license were issued in order for Crowbo to occupy the Bino's building and serve liquor.

...or so you say...

...or so you say...

So it's not true because you

So it's not true because you say its not true steve?Even though the public record indicates other wise.

The individuals involved in

The individuals involved in crowbo have had contact with the city since before mid 2009.The first proposal before city council was in 2010.

It still stands that this ordinance was aimed Bino's building.

Sorry, I still don't buy it.

Sorry, I still don't buy it. There is no requirement that the Bino's location be used as an eatery. Other types of businesses would be able to make that location work without a liquor license or modifications to the fire code.

The only interested buyer of

The only interested buyer of Bino's is an eatery and the only way they could occupy bino's is through a modification of fire code,which city council conveniently passed through an ordinance.

Like most conspiracy

Like most conspiracy theories there is a lack of logic to this. If the goal was to sell the building there would have been much easier ways to accomplish it. A buyer could have been found that did not require modification to any city code or a liquor license.

Your theory is that Crowbo wanted to buy Bino's and turn it into a restaurant but couldn't because the building didn't meet fire codes for a restaurant. Rather than have Crowbo bring the building up to code, the city council modified the code and awarded them a liquor license... simply because they are all "friends" of the same church.

This is complete nonsense. The building could have been sold regardless of the fire code changes, and I'm sure that if you were to do any actual research you would discover that those modifications are in no way related to Crowbo's offer. In fact I'm pretty sure that those were proposed before Crowbo even entered the picture.

"Like most conspiracy

"Like most conspiracy theories there is a lack of logic to this. If the goal was to sell the building there would have been much easier ways to accomplish it. A buyer could have been found that did not require modification to any city code or a liquor license".

Evidently in the 5 plus years that Bino's sat on the market they couldn't find a buyer,or it wouldn't have sat on the market for over 5 years until crowbo came along.

There's no coincidence or conspiracy that a fire ordinance was passed at the same meeting that an LLC was awarded a liquor license to occupy a building that depends on having the fire code modified.Without the fire ordinance passing,crowbo was dead in the water.This is simply the depths that sheridans elected officials are willing to go to,no conspiracy at all.

Mr. RJONES!!! You really

Mr. RJONES!!! You really really need to step away from the computer for just 1 min and ask yourself DO YOU HAVE A LIFE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER? As I was reading some articles on Sheridan Media all I see is poor attitude comments from you. Really... get a life, your sissy put downs to Steve are high school drama and your poor attitude towards everything that goes on in Sheridan seems to point to the fact that you should move somewhere else, where you would be more happy. Who in the world wants to complain about eveyrthing, can you just be happy... about anything!

OMG seriously???

First a 3rd McDonalds in town and now a 5th pizza place???? No wonder this town is losing all it's income....people don't want to spend money unless there's variety. We need something like a seafood place or a REAL family all you can eat buffet...JB's is good but their salad bar is hardly worth mentioning. Seriously if you want people to spend their money locally then give them something real to spend it on!

J. S. Luckjohn


You do understand don't you that there there are only two SIT DOWN pizza place in town? Most of the pizza served up in this town is also of questionable quality. Give these people a chance. Maybe this will be a good place to eat.

I live down the street from

I live down the street from Bino's, so I will be interested to see what this new pizza place is like. Whatever the case, I'm sure it will be better than a grocery store that sells expired food. I got sick from a package of food I bought there- silly me hadn't checked the date & I realized after the fact that it was expired. The next time I went in I was sure to check the dates on what I was buying... I found many many more expried items... when I pointed it out I was told they wouldn't pull the out-dated items because "they were still fine to eat". Gag!!

It's really too bad that

It's really too bad that there are a handful of people who use both Sheridan Media and the Sheridan Press to do nothing more than whine and complain. They have nothing good to say about anyone or anything, and yet are not able to offer any constructive solutions to anything. I feel sorry for them that they have nothing better to do with their time, and sorry for the rest of us who have to read their dribble.

You don't have to read it

I actually like reading this open forum. I like seeing different ideas and thoughts. If I do start reading something that doesn't interest me, I stop. You will find that you are not required to read any and all of a post before you are allowed to move to the next post. Try it, it might make you feel better.

I, too, enjoy reading others

I, too, enjoy reading others thoughts on different topics; however, it is the hateful attitude of these posts that are disturbing.

I Hope!

I hope the Pizza taste better than the last Pizza venture CROWBAR was involved with! Heavy on the dough and HEAVY ON THE DOUGH $$$$$$!

What pizza place did crowbar

What pizza place did crowbar own?

Bostons? Could it be that

Bostons? Could it be that we have an actual franchise, outside of the traditional fast-food offerings, showing an interest? Let's not blow this one!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

All you're going to get is

All you're going to get is some over priced pizza place in Bino's run down fire trap of a building.Which is why council also had to modify the fire code to play favortism to Crobo,which is obviously in bed with Heath and Mulholland.

Heath isn't even smart enough to follow council procedure.Heath had to be taken out in the hall way by the city clerk badley and informed of what happens when you table items.Heath and Mulholland don't want Sanfords to get a license,but they gave crobo a license anyway.Heath nearly cost crobo their license by trying to table the entire licensing process and that would have voided Crobos license also.

Heath is a prime example of why council should not have the right to appoint councilman to vacated council seats without a majority citizen vote.


What liquor license is Sanford's using now? why would they need a different license when the one they are using now is working just fine?

Sanfords is Currently

Sanfords is Currently operating under a Resteraunt Liquor license right now, the same as Chad at the Flagstaff Cafe.

What this entails is that the dispensing room (Where the drinks are made) must be located in a seperate room from the dining rooms. There can also be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Dispensing room, so therefore there can be no "Bar Seating" area.

With the addition of this bar a grill license they would be allowed to expand onto the current design plan and allow for bar seating, where you could be sitting at an actual bar having your cocktail and meal at the same time (Think of Scooters here in town or other resteraunts such as Outback Steakhouse or Applebees)


This sounds like the lamest idea since the new McDonalds! In fact the Sheridan City Council is about as lame as the new McDonalds!


Run off another business Sheridan...

I will never step foot into Crowbo's if they get the license. Hey, maybe we should build ANOTHER McDonalds and give them the last liquor license...


There is no 'if' they get

There is no 'if' they get it, they did get it! And there is still another one for Sanfords to be able to get. Don't say you won't ever step foot in there, you know you will. It's not like you have a ton of other places to go! I love that we will have this new place!!

We have enough pizza options

How about a decent place to eat in this town! And, no, I will not go buy overpriced pizza or special pasta.

Over priced... You have seen

Over priced... You have seen there menu and price... oh let me see! HA

I completely agree with having something DIFFERENT in town, that would be great. But take what ya get. If it is that important to you that a decent affordable place be opened then maybe you have the enthusiasm and drive to open one! I don't mean that sarcastically either, people who want this stuff so badly need to take the step and do it not complain and wait to see if that does anything!

What a joke.Mulholland gives

What a joke.Mulholland gives a pathetic speech about how someone like Sanfords needs to show that they're really serious about being in business and need the license.While at the same time Mulholland is trying to get the tax payer to support his so called data center.

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