City Council Approves Random Drug Testing For Police And Fire Departments

At their last meeting in February, the Sheridan City Council approved a resolution that advised the administration of the Police and Fire Departments to work with their staff on the likelihood of being included in the City's random drug testing policy.

Lieutenant Chris Dahmke indicated to the Council Monday night that the Police Department has no issues with the policy. While the Fire Department echoed that sentiment, local Firefighters Union President George Neeson did not agree with the way the Council is handling the issue.

Neeson said that no one within the fire department is against drug testing, it's just that he would like the policy to be negotiated. The Council agreed to keep negotiations open with the union, although they did ultimately approve that both the Fire and Police departments be included in the City's random drug testing policy. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey.

Not all were included in the policy however, as only uniformed police officers and firefighters and paramedics will be added immediately. The Council will address Police Dispatch and Community Service Officers, along with one administrative position within the fire department, at their next meeting.

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Let's not lose sight

While the new drug testing policy is a fantastic idea and LONG over due, it was brought about due to the recent arrest of Drew Joy. HOWEVER, he wasn't arrested for USING drugs but for SELLING drugs!! Is there a random test for THAT too?

Not selling either

He wasn't selling either...the article posted right here on Sheridan Media indicated that he DELIVERED. No exchange of money was implied in the article. Sounds to me like he gave some of his pills to someone who he thought was in need. How many of you have shared your prescription medications like cough syrup or pain pills for example? Is it right? Clearly not. But it certainly isn't always a malicious act either.
But you are RIGHT ON...there is NO way to random test for every situation. At least not without trampling all over our privacy protections...

Dear "Not Selling Either",

Okay, but he DID deliver the pills to someone who wasn't the perscription holder, which is an illegal act. A law that Mr. Joy should be completely aware of. And the delivery of said pills wasn't quite a *selfless act* either. He gave the pills to her in exchage for a sex act. So while MONEY didn't change hands, it wasn't exactly a case of a "friend helping a friend" now was it? Seems to me that that would qualify as a business arrangement.

well, I sure have NEVER

well, I sure have NEVER shared my prescriptions w people. And certainly not pain killers or cough medicine. In his line of business he should know that, that kind of act is illegal.


When you deliver narcotics illegally to someone else, it doesn't matter if you got money, if it was free, or if it was exchanged for sex or anything else.

Sharing any prescription drug with ANYONE other than who the meds were prescribed to is illegal, wrong, and dumb. Doesn't matter if it was malicious or not.

Drug Testing

It's amazing that this is just now taking place in Sheridan municipal government. All Public Safety employees as well as CDL license holders should have already been subjected to a truely random, random drug testing program. Matter of fact, ALL CITY EMPLOYEES and ELECTED OFFICIALS should be subjected to the same program. The cost of prgram administration is negligible when compared to the level of public trust it will gain.

As to the often touted First Amendment issues and employee rights regarding the same, a potential violation of these rights exists only if the program exempts any employee, group of employees or official of the City. Therefore, EVERYONE should be subject to the program. This way the program is not discriminaatory.

Within a Municipality, there are no Unions involved as such. Public sector employees are allowed to belong to Employee Associations, which ARE NOT Unions. Unions have the ability to stike, employee associtions don't. This is one of the primary distinctions between them. There is case law that delineates these issues out there to cite if one looks for them. A random drug testing program CAN be adopted by a public agency as part of their Personnel Rules.

Good Job

Congratulations to the city for stepping up and doing this.

What about Rocky Mountain

What about Rocky Mountain Ambulance? They are safety oriented also, and they contract with the City. They need to be held to the same standards. Fair is fair.

Rocky does not have a

Rocky does not have a contract or franchise agreement with the city. They do have a contract with the county though, so maybe the county should look into this so called "drug testing" Rocky claims to do!!!

Rocky Mtn. Ambulance already

Rocky Mtn. Ambulance already has a drug testing policy in place.

I'ts about time. We all know

I'ts about time. We all know some of our police force is smoking marijuana.


Are you kidding me. You are reaching! What a ridiculous statement.

I think it is safe to say,

I think it is safe to say, that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. None of the officers I know, which is all of them, are smoking dope. Maybe you should get back to your conspiracy theory group, and preach to someone who might believe you!

He could be right, he could

He could be right, he could be wrong. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors. They are, after all, only imperfect human beings.

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