City Council Approves Discounts For Golf Course

New incentives at Kendrick Golf Course aim to generate more usage.
New incentives at Kendrick Golf Course aim to generate more usage.

The Sheridan City Council recently directed City Staff to work with Kendrick Golf Pro Brian James to develop incentives to increase usage at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course on slow days. City of Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson explains
a couple of the incentives.

The third discount is aimed at bringing the family to the golf course.

The City Council in April approved a 3% increase over a three year period at the golf course; however, that increase will not go into effect until the 2011 season. The new incentives and promotions begin immediately and may help generate more revenue to reduce the amount of future rate increases and allow for additional capital improvements down the road as well.


Well Mr.KKK I don't think I said I LIKE PAYING TAXES! I said I have to pay them reguardless! If you don't like it go back and crawl under your rock in some jacked up country like afganistan or pakistan or who gives a dam!And then maybe taxes won't be so bad! or go back to California or Michigan or some other outragously taxed hell hole!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

Re: the Solution Is

I'm sure glad we don't have too may of you in this country Mr. I Hear Voices. Shut up and pay your taxes??!!?? Where would we be if we listened to the likes of you?!? We'ld still be a British Coloney! Have you ever heard of Don't Tread on Me? If you like paying taxes I have a few too many I can give you.

The Solution is!!!!!!

The solution is simple! simply shut up and support the course or keep quit! I pay taxes for things I don't approve of but do you hear me complaining about that!! Sheridan was once know as the GOLF CAPITAL OF WYOMING! I don't think it now since the HORSESHOE in Dayton closed! I think a great idea would be an additional PAR 3 course built above the 4th and 5th hole of Kendrick! I would also like to see a lighted driving range built at Thorn-Rider Park! This would solve slow play, time limits and give the youth something to do besides complain about nothing to do! It's ez to complain about B James but he does try to help the youth of Sheridan. What do your employers say about you? May be they think you are payed too much too! Too lazy complains too much! Make a list of the waste of money that the city and county generates and the golf course is cheap! Sheridan County Love it or LEAVE IT!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

Trevor it'll be ok,that $3

Trevor it'll be ok,that $3 million loan that the tax payers owe for the golf course isn't going anywhere and lowering fee's will only insure that loan never gets paid off.


Lighten up, reduced prices are incentives to get players to come out that wouldn't normally play so you're out nothing.
we are fortunate to have a course like Kendrick in the community. Use it or shut up KLW = Rjones perhaps.

Freedom of speech?

Kind of sounds like only one side can have an opinion on this.

not kind of

The right side, the side that doesn't cry and complain about every little stinking thing that happens in Sheridan.
It's a broken record over and over and over nothing but a bunch of Negative Nellies.
Where else would you live?? if you find a place that's that wonderful let us all know but I think it already exists it's called Heaven.

Ideas to increase play

A big part of the problem for this public course is all of the tournaments that are scheduled on weekends. Tournaments limit public play to before 9:00 a.m. and then not until after 2:00 p.m. or later. Most tournaments are a shot gun start thus shutting down the course to public play until the last tournament player is finished. In years past, there is a tournament scheduled every weekend from June through August. This affects members and non-members alike and probably discourages members from joining, particulary those who work during the week and can only play on the weekends. Limit tournament play and make Kendrick truly a public course, available to all every day of the week.

Considering that you're

Considering that you're already paying for not only James' wage and overhead, but also $3 million in golf course loans,why not have a fee's reduction.The golf course is incapable of supporting itself,the mayor might as well give his friends free greens fee's.

They need money?

This golf course needs money, they have added an upcoming rate increase, and now are giving discounts? I can see taxpayer money headed this way.

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