City Council Adopts Funding Resolution For One-Cent Tax

Sheridan City Council President John Bigelow
Sheridan City Council President John Bigelow

The Sheridan City Council approved a funding resolution for the optional one-cent sales tax at their meeting Monday night. The total projected revenue for the tax over the next four years is $3.6 million, which is lower than what's been accustom over the past decade. Council President John Bigelow.

Bigelow says that there is a contingency amount of approximately $200,000 that the City has to work with.

The majority of the funding will be allocated toward facilities and infrastructure, as $2 million is scheduled to go into the improvement and maintenance of streets, bridges, sidewalks, utility improvements and flood gauge system upgrades. The optional one-cent sales tax is up for renewal this year, as it will be on the ballot in the General Election on November 2nd.


the only way to spur the economy in sheridan is to open another bar or liquor store!

Revenues Down

Total tax revenues are down more than expected. If we lower the tax rate, we will get more total tax revenue collected. It happened during the Coolidge, Harding, JFK and Regan administrations. Lower the tax rate and total revenues go up. It is historically proven to work. Lower taxes also spur economic growth. Do we want to spur the economy in Sheridan or depress it?
Re-impose the one-percent tax and we will get even lower amounts of taxes collected and we will be supressing the economy. Count on it.
If our leaders would really study the issue, they'd see that lowering the sales tax to 5% is the best possible course of action. If they were truely wise, they'd be leading the charge to lift this regressive tax burden from their fellow citizens.

Give me Liberty or....

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