City of Buffalo Seeking Volunteers for 2020 Census

City of Buffalo Seeking Volunteers for 2020 Census

Buffalo Mayor Shane Schrader has sent out a release to the public asking for interested parties that want to volunteer to help with the upcoming 2020 Census to help ensure Buffalo and Johnson County residents are all counted, which is important to local government.

In the release, Schrader explains that the census must be done every 10 years as mandated by the U.S. Government, and federal funding is the reason for the need of an accurate count.

According to a study done by George Washington University in 2017, $881 million was sent back to Wyoming which equates to about $1,500 per person in the state in available federal funding.
The funding comes back to the state via Medicare, Medicaid, highways and planning, school lunch programs, funding for healthcare and educational programs, and many others.

Schrader said if only 5 people from each county in Wyoming are not counted, that equals roughly $173,000 lost annually; and multiplying that over 10 yrs is $1.7 million lost in federal funds until the next census.

A much more accurate count is done when residents of Buffalo self-report on the form sent out.
This year for the first time this can also be completed via internet and by phone.

If self reporting is not completed, then trained individuals will canvas the city and go door to door to gather as much correct information as possible.

The next step in this process will be to set up a Complete Count Committee that will help set up and oversee the process.
The census office will set up an in-person training that will last about 2 hours.

Those who want to participate and be a member of the Complete Count Committee to ensure that a correct count is completed and all available dollars are brought back to Buffalo and Johnson County, should contact the Buffalo Mayor's office.

Contact Buffalo Mayor Shane Schrader at, or call (307) 684-5566.

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