City Of Buffalo Budget Passed On Second Reading

City Of Buffalo Budget Passed On Second Reading

The Buffalo City Council, at their Tuesday meeting, passed on second reading, Ordinance No. 1363, the annual appropriations, or budget bill, with some minor changes.

City Clerk Julie Silbernagel explained that in the past the city had listed every outside entity and their funding allocation, as well as General City Departments in the Budget Ordinance. According to the auditor, she said, that requires a budget amendment if any of the entities spends more or less than their allotment.

The suggestion from the auditor was to combine all the outside entities and give a total allotment on the Budget Ordinance and then track the specifics in the regular detail budget.

Silbernagel explains further.

The council then approved Ordinance No. 1363 on second reading, with the as-described changes to the Budget Ordinance.

The city's budget for FY 2014 is $15.225 million, but will need to be approved on third reading later this month.

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