City Authorizes Half-Million Dollars for Recycling Program

Sheridan city officials have allocated just over a half-million dollars for the equipment that's needed to implement the new curbside recycling program.

Those funds will be used to buy a dual-arm collection truck dedicated to picking up recyclable materials, a Bobcat, and individual recycling containers for each of the city's residential billing accounts.

Public Works Director Nic Bateson said the recycling containers will be about the same size as the garbage containers that are provided to residential customers. He also talked about how the program will work.

He explained that “commingled recycling” means that curbside customers won't sort recyclable materials. Instead, all the materials will be placed in the same container, and will be taken to a facility where city employees will separate the materials. The city will phase-in conversion to curbside recycling over the next 12 months, he said, and the first step will be to convert the city's 12 drop sites to commingled facilities.

According to the resolution passed by the city council last month that implements the curbside recycling program, city officials have determined that the drop-site recycling program has reached the limit of being able to increase recycling in the city. The resolution also points to a 2012 survey in which 78 percent of Sheridan residents said they would rather have curbside commingled recycling service, and 85 percent of those said they would be willing to pay $3 a month for the convenience of curbside collection.

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