City Adjusts 2010 Budget Resolution

The Sheridan City Council has made an adjustment to the budget resolution. The amendment would allocate unspent funds from last year as well as make a few adjustments based on current revenue streams. Part of the resolution included a $100,000 payment to the North Main Neighborhood Association. Councilor Steve Brantz asked a NMNA to explain where the money would be spent.

Forward Sheridan asked the City for an additional $100,000 for this year, as well. That doubles the annual contribution from the City. Councilor Ryan Mulholland explains the decision.

The amendment also made several transfers from one budget item to another that will help balance possible shortfalls in tax revenues based on updated projections.

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This is pathetic,giving

This is pathetic,giving $200k to forward sheridan who still does nothing.Will forward sheridan now hit up the county for double the money the county puts in.That would be $40k.$240K to a worthless cause,of course Kinskeys a board member though.

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