Cindy Hill Writes to Speaker Lubnau Asking for 'Due Process'

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Cindy Hill Writes to Speaker Lubnau Asking for 'Due Process'
Cindy Hill Writes to Speaker Lubnau Asking for 'Due Process'

Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has the latest from state superintendent Cindy Hill, who sent a letter to Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau and requested due process.

Amidst grumblings of impeachment from some in the Wyoming legislature, Cindy Hill is fighting back. Hill essentially called the Rules Committee that will be investigating a number of concerns related to her leadership a partial body, since she says all of the members voted for Senate File 104. She made a request to Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau, suggesting he reappoint members with a more balanced opinion on the legislation that stripped her of her responsibilities and duties with the Department of Education.

Hill took issue with the process and questions whether she'll be able to attend all committee and subcommittee meetings. She also asked if all matters will me made available to the public as she says she expects Wyoming voters to be keenly interested in the process. If changes are not made during the investigation, she says voters will see it as a sham put on for political purposes.

She closed the letter by denying the allegations against her, reiterating that she has broken no state or federal law, not misused any funds nor violated any state policies. Without due process, she wrote, the entire process itself would disregard the truth and be disrespectful to her and Wyoming's voters.

To read a copy of the letter, click on the attachment below this story at For news, this is Chris Foy reporting.

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