“Christmas is All in the Heart”

“Christmas is All in the Heart”

When it comes to Christmas programs, most of us think of the elementary school programs going on right now. But for the folks at the Sheridan Senior Center, they can put on a pretty darn good show themselves.

Called “Christmas is All in the Heart,” is was music and drama plus some tap dancing all rolled into one. It was tradition at its best.

It was comfort but especially joy. Agnes Blaney is new to the Sheridan Aires Choir that performed Saturday.

They've been preparing since September for the annual winter concert and the focus was turning the hearts toward home. Joe Laughton explains.

It was a packed house as the seniors gave it their all. Erin Butler directed the drama part of the event. Having worked with other play groups, Butler has learned much while working with the seniors.

They will soon be gearing up for their spring concert.

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