CenturyLink Responds to Last Week's Outage

CenturyLink Responds to Last Week's Outage
CenturyLink Responds to Last Week's Outage

We previously reported that last Friday, a contractor using an auger tore through fiber optic cables owned by CenturyLink, effectively disabling internet and telephone communications for most of the day.

Market Development Manager with CenturyLink, Michelle Jackson, says the recent outage is an opportunity to make local improvements.

Accidents like these do happen. And when they inevitably do, Jackson says CenturyLink has protocols in place.

We reported Wednesday that Sheridan Memorial Hospital was unaffected by the outage, partly because of redundancy. This is what contractors call having multiple routes available for fiber optic lines in the event of a regional outage.

Jackson didn't provide specifics on any possible plan to increase redundancy or install alternative routes for the fiber cable, but she says that CenturyLink is currently investigating options.

Jackson says contractors and residents should always call before they dig. In-state callers can dial 811 and out-of-state callers can call 1(800) 849-2476.

To read parts one and two of our stories on the impact of the outage, click here and here.

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